2pm fans plan boycott and protest

September 11, 2009

As reported by ‘allkpop’ and ‘K Bites’, 2pm fans has planned to protest tomorrow, September 12, in front of JYP Building. Also, plans of boycotting JYP merchandise and events also surface. One of these is the 2009 Dream Concert I believe. It would be interesting if the boycott does happen. ‘Daily K Pop News’ has posted the seating arrangement for this year’s Dream Concert.

So if the boycott does occur, SM and YG fans would be happy because there would be more seats. For those who don’t know, the Dream Concert is a free concert. No one has to pay. But I do hope they would still join the petition to bring Jaebeom back.

Another issue brought up was the boycotting of JYP merchandise. I said before that we should move on from the controversy and just support the group, but my fandom is saying something else. It feels that if fans go to the extreme financial wise, maybe just maybe JYP will bring him back. But, they also may not. Tomorrow is the 12th of September and also the day when 2pm fans will protest in front of the JYP building. I do hope something good would come out of it. I’m crossing my fingers.






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