JYP, what are you doing?

September 17, 2009

Yesterday, JYP has posted that 2pm will continue to perform as 6 members because Park Jaebeom is not ready to comeback. I’m sorry to JYP, I think this is a foolish decision. 2pm fans around the world has expressed their disappointment in how the entertainment company acted on Jaebeom’s situation. To continue the group without the controversial member will just be suicidal for the group.

Jaebeom’s departure brought too much sadness and despair to everyone. If JYP really had to continue 2pm with just 6 members, I think he should wait 2-3 months before bringing 2pm again to the public’s eyes. The wound is still fresh as they say. The Dream Concert is just around the corner and I’m afraid that what happened to SNSD last year will happen to 2pm this year. Fans will sometimes show hate to express their love.

As I said before, I have already accepted the fact that Jaebeom is not coming back but JYP should have been more careful. His message does seem like an assurance that Jaebeom will never come back. With all the support Jaebeom has been getting from fans in Korea and as well as abroad and also from Korean celebrities, JYP should keep the thought of 2pm as 6 members in low profile.

A few weeks ago, JYP has announced that 2pm’s fist full length album is completed and will comeback somewhere in October. If 2pm will continue their comeback, I’m afraid the album would not be as half as successful as their ‘Time For Change’ album. I’ll repeat, if JYP really intends to continue 2pm as six members, then he should keep the group from the public for a good 2 months at the least if he wants the full length album to be successful.

Jang Wooyoung has posted a message on his minihompy. I’m not sure if it’s a message of support or is he’s just ranting or something. The message goes like, “If you wish to live, you will die. If you wish to die, you will live.” Out of all the members of 2pm, Wooyoung was affected the most with the controversy. I honestly don’t know what his message is trying to imply. It seems out of the blue and out there.

I’m actually excited on how this controversy will end. It’s like a soap opera. I do hope ends happily whether Jaebeom comes back or not.




One comment

  1. I agree, I think its foolish for jyp to continue 2pm as 6 considering how fans felt on jay’s departure

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