The Search for the Top Ten Most Talented Idols in Korea

September 22, 2009

On September 30, this blog will be celebrating it’s 100th day. To commemorate this joyous day, I’ve decided to list the top ten most talented idol in Korea today. Idols are packaged in groups but only few of them can actually make it on their own. Please share your insights. I would be taking you opinions into consideration until the 29th of September. On the 30th, I will post the number 10 most talented idol as viewed by all of us. And as the days go on, the rest will be posted. Feel free to let your voice be heard. As I said before, this blog is a venue for all opinions to be put across.

The criteria for this honor is their singing ability, dancing skills and their overall charm. The ten idols would be coming from these set of idol groups.





After School

Big Bang

Brown Eyed Girls








Super Junior


Wonder Girls

Let’s see which ten will make it to our list.




  1. I think Sunye of the Wonder Girls should be part of that list. Everytime the Wonder Girls, I can’t help but look at her even if she’s not the one singing. She has it all. singing, dancing, and she’s oozing with charisma.

    You should put G-Dragon as well. G-Dragon’s rap is so fluid that it sometimes seems like he’s singing it.

    Xiah Junsu as well. He can really sing plus he doesn’t do a falsetto when he reaches those high notes. He may not be the most good-looking in DBSK but he has this charisma.

  2. It would be hard if it’s individual but if it’s by group, hands down it’s gonna be DBSK.

    But since you’re asking for individual people that can make it, I think Jaejoong and G-Dragon.

    I think it would be hard for Suju guys and SNSD girls to make it big on their own. None of them are given enough time to shine on their own. There’s just too many of them.

  3. I wished you didn’t include f(x) and T-ara. They’re just rookie and would just add to the confusion.

    I’ll go for G-Dragon and CL.

  4. 1. jaebeom oppa
    2. hero oppa
    3. junsu oppa
    4. cl unnie
    4. minji
    5. sunye unnie
    6. donghae oppa
    7. junho oppa
    8. taeyeon unnie
    9. jessica unnie
    10. yoobin unnie

  5. ok, all of Bigbang’s members should be on the top ten list (or at least GD, TOP, TY and DS). Junsu of DBSK, Changmin of 2AM, KyungHyun and Sungmin of SuJu, TaeYeon of SNSD and the only one girl can sing in Wondergirls. that’s it!!!

  6. i want to write all of 2NE1’s members too but cus they r new so i give the old bunch the chances if not then my list will be 9 with only BB and 2NE1 alone and add Junsu of DBSK for the 10 list. but well it seems that i’m biasing YG that why i wrote my list as my first comment.

  7. 2pm

  8. You should pick 5 girls and 5 guys

    5 girls
    Wonder Girls Sunye
    2ne1 CL
    2ne1 Minji
    Brown Eyed Girls JeA
    Jewelry Seo In Young

    5 Boys
    G Dragon
    Xiah Junsu

  9. In no particular order:

    1.) CL I think is the best female rapper out there.

    2.) Jaebeom can really rap and can really sing.

    3.) Sunye I think she has best stage presence. I’ll agree with the comment above. There are lots of times that I can’t help but look at her even though she’s not singing

    4.) Taeyang can really sing and very fluid in dancing.

    5.) TOP is hands down the best rapper in Koren pop scene

    6.) Junho’s version 서시. The guy can really sing.

    7.) Hyun Joong has a sweet voice and I think he has the most charms amongst the pop idol now

    8.) Kyu Hyun is like 2pm’s Junho. Both are underrated but are extremely talented.

    9.) Ye Eun is starting to have a name for herself. She never really gets notice unlike Sunye, Sunmi, Sohee and Yoobin

    10.) Hero’s parts in Doshite are really good. It showed the sweet side of his voice.

  10. i think snsd would go! It’s nice to see FX on the list..

  11. List people from each group that are deserving:

    1 Changmin

    2 CL
    3 Minji

    4 Jaebeom
    5 Junsu
    6 jaebeom
    7 Wooyoung

    8 Jiyoon

    9 Gahee

    10 Taeyang
    11 TOP
    12 G Dragon

    13 Narsha
    14 JeA
    15 Miryo

    16 Xiah Junsu
    17 Yunho
    18 Hero

    19 Seungyeon

    20 Jonghyun

    21 Taeyeon
    22 Tiffany

    23 Hyun Joong
    24 Kyu Jong

    25 Kyu Hyun
    26 Donghae

    27 Sunye
    28 Ye Eun
    29 Sunmi
    30 Yoobin

    From this 30 idols, cut it to 20 then to 10.

  12. the obvious ones are Xiah, Junsu, Hero, TOP, G-Dragon and Taeyang. I think this are the top 5 most talented idol

  13. I think there would be more men in the top ten than women considering we only have a few talented girls in idol groups.

    Quality wise (women)

    Quality wise (men)
    Xiah Junsu
    Junsu (2pm)
    Hyun Joong

  14. 1.) Kyu Hyun

    2.) Xiah Junsu

    3.) kim junsu (2pm)

    4.) Jaebeom

    5.) Taeyang

  15. With the women, wonder girls and 2ne1 are the only girl groups who has members that can go on solo.

    Kara, snsd?

    With kara and snsd, fans love watching them than listening to them. I don’t even see a future in singing with any of the snsd members. I think that’s what SM has always been investing in girl groups. Like SES, who among did actually became successful? FINkl has Hyori. Bada can’t even compare to Hyori.

  16. I go for

    G Dragon
    Ye Eun
    Xiah Junsu

  17. I will go with

    Sunye (wonder girls)
    CL (2ne1)
    YeEun (wonder girls)
    G Dragon (big bang)
    Xiah Junsu (DBSK)
    Jaebum (2pm)
    Taeyang (big bang)

    I agree with most of you who stated its hard to imagine SNSD girls going solo…maybe Taeyeon…but ya i think they do better as a group rather than solo.

  18. not in specific order
    LOL wonder girls are all very talented especially sunye, yoobin and ye eun amazing vocals and rapping
    and also seungri, taeyang of big bang
    taecyeon, junsu 2PM

  19. junho
    xiah junsu
    g dragon

  20. mine are….

    Changmin (2am)
    Minzy (2ne1)
    Junho (2pm)
    SeungRi (BigBang)
    Changmin (TVXQ)
    Junghyun (Shinee)
    Yesung (Super Junior)

  21. Sunye!
    Ye eun!

  22. oh and jewelry’s park jung ah too!!!

  23. I think you should remove groups that obviously won’t have a member be successful once the group disbands.

    Super Junior
    After School
    Brown Eyed Girls

    I’m 95% sure that the top ten won;t be coming from these groups.

  24. 1. G-dragon- come on!!!! (he produces, raps, compose, dance, sing, has a pleasing personality- for me personality is a talent/skill)

    2. Minji- yeah she is better than CL for me becoz at her young age she dances like theres no tomorrow but still have consistent vocals and raps, she has the potential to be a big star, as in big)

    3. CL – because she just oozes charisma and talent (sing,dance,rap-the best female idol rapper, and have a unique personality)

    4. Jonghyun (shinee)- i think he has the best vocals among these idols, plus he dances and sometimes composes

    5 Taeyang- come on, this is one fine young man, singer, dancer, once a rapper.

    6. Sungmin (SJ)- though his musical talent is subpar to the other ones in my list, but if you collect all the skills he has, man that’s a lot. he is an okay singer and dancer, but awesome martial arts, etc. if it says musical talent, then he’s out of the top 10, but it only says the most talented..haha

    7. Junsu dbsk- a great singer and dancer…(that’s all)

    8. TOP- for me, the best idol rapper in kpop, and also an okay dancer, but his rapping and composing songs made it up for him to get into the top 10

    9. Daesung- now this man has serious vocals and dance moves, plus he is very funny, which adds on to his appeal

    10 a tie
    Jaejoong- just because
    kyuhyun- an underrated talent and his vocals can melts ice in winter days..

    honorable mention- sunye- just because
    jaebeom- raps, sings, dances, and good in variety
    jiyoon- she is just awesome

    i also think that snsd, kara, f(x), t-ara, jewelry, after school and bulk of sj will not succed with their solo careers, they are better as a group.

  25. reflecting on my notes, it seems that bigbang really is a very good group almost all of its members are very talented. although seungri is quite talented too, but his are on a lower level than the other four,

    and 2ne1 is a very good group also, although bom has some awesome vocal pipes, i think she is only a one trick pony, dara, also can’t be left alone, though she is an okay dancer, average singer, okay rapper (okay not really, but i like her rap in kiss), i think she is a very good actress, very believable…that’s why i think her niche in kpop is in the acting world, though 2ne1 won’t be complete without her (her aweseome personality is full of win|)….

    another very good group is dbsk (of course) no explanations needed…

  26. hi to all superstar hi sandara

  27. dang since 2ne1 debut everyones been talking about CL being the best female rapper but she’s nothing compared to yoon mi-rae aka Tasha

  28. Haha. DBSK is very top-notch. lol. and YG groups are really pro. The members of Big Bang and 2NE1 are both great singers and dancers.

    since there are 10 members in SJ (still a lot), it’s probably hard for each member to stand out individually. SJ’s like a big mush pot of talent. 😀

    No offense to SNSD fans, but I think Taeyeon is the only really talented one of all of them. I think Yoona should go into acting. 😀

  29. I think 2ne1 should be the 1st one and bigbang becuz they r so generous and good n they have the best song in the whole wide world!Cl is the best in 2ne1 and gd is the best in bigbang. 2ne1 and big bang fighting!

  30. omo2 for me the most best group in korea is my 2ne1 unnie’s and super junior oppa hehe they are fricking hot and talented and also my bigbang oppa as well .. for me my 4 2ne1 unnie should be on the list because all of them are talented but i admit that CL unnie nd Minji unnie is the super talented and Dara unnie ❤ and Bom unnie ❤ are the freaking talented and they all have the beauty but for me Dara ❤ unnie has the crown when it comes to beauty and Bom has the tiara wen it comes to the uniqueness of voice haha .. but dnt even dare to get me wqrong because Cl unnie ❤ and Minzy unnie has the super talented award wen it comes to full package nd they also the average beauty nd also bom the hotness sexy body and leg hehe 😀 ❤ thats what 2NE1 unnie means "New Evolution" and additional information Dara unnie has the most clear fallseto of 2ne1 especially on their song I Love You and In trhe Club and Lonely and last is the Ugly haha 😀 isnt it 😀 ❤ and for me my Super Junior oppa should also be in list hehe 😀 all of them but Siwon oppa and Donghae oppa and eun eung oppa should be more highlighted hehe hehe 😀 and my Bigbang oppa also known as the BIG BANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full of talent hehe 😀 in short Full package hehe 😀

    okeidokei thats all 😀

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