The Search for the Top Ten Most Talented Idols in Korea Part 2

September 25, 2009

I’ve trimmed down the list to a few. I think most of you would agree with me on this. Some groups didn’t have any members who made the cut. Please don’t be mad. Maybe they are more suitable in a group. As I said, not all of them can make it on their own. Maybe they should venture into acting or variety once their group does disband. Not everyone can ba a Lee Hyori or a Kangta. Here’s the trimmed list.

1.) 2am – Lee Changmin
2.) 2NE1 – CL
3.) 2NE1 – Minji
4.) 2pm – Jaebeom
5.) 2pm – Junsu
6.) 2pm – Junho
7.) 4minute – Jiyoon
8.) Big Bang – G Dragon
9.) Big Bang – TOP
10.) Big Bang – Taeyang
11.) Brown Eyed Girls – Miryo
12.) DBSK – Xiah Junsu
13.) DBSK – Jaejoong
14.) DBSK – Yunho
15.) Jewelry – Seo In Young
16.) Kara – Han Seung yeon
17.) SHINee – Jonghyun
18.) SNSD – Taeyeon
19.) SS501 – Hyun Joong
20.) SS501 – Kyu Jong
21.) Super Junior – Yesung
22.) Super Junior – Kyu Hyun
23.) Super Junior – Donghae
24.) Super Junior – Siwon
25.) Wonder Girls – Sunye
26.) Wonder Girls – Ye Eun
27.) Wonder Girls – Yoobin

Feel free to comment on my trimmed list. My blog is place for everyone. I know some of you might disagree wit the list especially SNSD fans because only Taeyeon made the cut. I honestly feel that SNSD works as a group, well to some people. I just don’t see anyone else from them doing better on her own.

Again, the criteria for this is honor is their ability to sing, their dancing skills, and their overall charms. I think the charm factor is a great one. SES’s Bada is a better singer than Hyori but the latter is considered the better one overall by majority of the public if not all. On the 30th, I’ll post the 10th most talented idol basing on your comments and by the views of fans outside Korea.



  1. I think i am the first one here…and i do agree with your list…so here is my top ten in random order

    1. 2NE1 CL
    2. 2PM Jaebum
    3. 2PM Junsu
    4. Big Bang G Dragon
    5. Big Bang Taeyang
    6. Wonder Girls Sunye
    7. Wonder Girls Ye Eun
    8. Wonder Girls Yoobin
    9. SNSD Taeyeon
    10. DBSK Xiah Junsu

  2. 1. TVXQ Junsu
    2. TVXQ jaejoong
    3. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong
    4. Super Junior Siwon
    5. Big bang g dragon
    6. Big bang TOP
    7. 2NE1 CL
    8. Jewelry Seo in young
    9. Wonder girls sunye
    10. Big bang taeyang

  3. nice list here my pick 5 guys and 5 girls
    1. Big Bang – TOP
    2. Big Bang – Taeyang
    3. DBSK – Yunho
    4. SS501 – Kim Hyun Joong
    5. 2pm – Jaebeom

    6. 2NE1 – CL
    7. SNSD – Taeyeon
    8. Wonder Girls – Yoobin
    9. 4minute – Jiyoon
    10. Kara – Han Seung yeon

  4. i still stand with my answer…and its quite nice that only two was left out…(why didn’t you daesung…why?)
    1. gdragon
    2. minji
    3. cl
    4. jonghyun
    5 taeyang
    6. junsu dbsk
    7. top
    8 kyuhyun
    9 jaejoong
    10 sunye

    honorable mention
    jaebeom and jiyoon and maybe hyunjoong….

    for reasons…look for it at the previous post…

    • Deasung can really sing and really has charms but I don’t think he can oull off what he has now 10 years from now. The people on the list, I think they can go beyond like Baek Ji Young and Kim Tae Woo.

  5. yey, my 10 choices are still on the running

    Xiah junsu
    G Dragon
    Ye Eun

  6. it’s sad that Daesung didn’t made it. but at least there are still 3 Big Bang members on the list. Kinda surprise that Yesung of Super Junior is on the list. I don’t think he’s that noticeable in Super Junior.

  7. Are you serious? Only Taeyeon made it? What’s your basis? Where’s Tiffany? Where’s Jessica?

  8. it’s hard to pick but I’m pretty sure that G Dragon, Xiah Junsu, Jaebeom, and Sunye will be on the top 10.

  9. I think f(x)’s amber shouldn’t have been cut.

  10. Siwon? Instead of Ryewook?

  11. Haha. Tama, wala sa SNSD yung kayang mag-solo. Si Jessica and Tiffany kayang kumanta pero hindi sila magiging successful. Taeyeon may pagasa pa. More of a group talaga SNSD.

    NAgulat rin ako na hindi kasama si Daesung. Bakit kaya?

    Go Sunye, Ye Eun, Yoobin! Aja, fighting!

    Agree din ako dun sa tatlong DBSK.

  12. G Dragon
    Xiah Junsu

  13. Sunye unni!
    Ye Eun unni!
    Yoobin unni!

  14. Talented in what? Just singing and rapping? or others like; dancing and acting/modeling?
    i dont think some of them will survive on their own in the next 10 years if they’re not that popular!

    GD or CL will be #1 for sure. lol.

  15. CL
    Hero TVXQ
    Changmin 2am
    Junso 2pm

  16. it should be like this:


    4.TAE YON

  17. What? all the other artist are not comparable against TVXQ. My List is:
    1. Jaejoong
    2. Yunho
    3. Junsu
    4. Changmin
    5. Yoochun
    Just for once look carefully at Jaejoong, I didn’t like him the first time but now his my favourite. His so good-looking and he already won the official Asian Handsome guy contest.

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