Idol members least likely to succeed

September 27, 2009

As I was going through the list for the Top 10 Most Talented Idol, I thought to myself who among the members of these groups would actually find it the most difficult to go out on their own in comparison to their other group members. I don’t know much about the new groups individually so I won’t include them in this article. The groups that are included here are groups that I know so quite well.

For Big Bang, I think it would be Seung-ri. Honestly, I really don’t think he has what the other members has. Even if he’s not part of the group, I know Big Bang would still achieve the success they have gotten. I’m sorry to VIP’s but that’s the honest truth. I’m not even sure what he offers to the group.

The Wonder Girls has achieved fame because of their group dynamics and with their catchy songs synchronized dancing. With the members, you have the weird one, the quiet one. the hot one, the charming one and the sassy one. But get them out on their own, I think Sunmi will find it most difficult to be successful unlike the rest of the Wonder Girls. It’s not that she won’t achieve success, I just think it won’t come easily as her other members.

I believe Ryewook of Super Junior will find success to be a mountain. First of all, her personality doesn’t actually compare to the rest of Super Junior. He has the voice but he doesn’t have that much charms. I hope ELFs won’t kill me for this.

2NE1’s Park Bom has the greatest voice in the group but she doesn’t have the charisma that the other 3 has. There’s no doubt that CL and Minji will be somebody someday because of their uniqueness, so that leaves the two. Sandara Park and Park Bom are the vocalist of the group but I strongly believe that Sandara will make it bigger than Bom. We can compare them with SES’s Bada and F.I.N.kl’s Hyori.

I’m having a hard time picking just one in SNSD. I’m split between Hyoyeon and Sunny. SNSD fans please don’t be mad, but these two doesn’t actually have what it the other 7 has. Unlike Super Junior, SNSD is kinda boring. I mean Super Junior can make any dull moment into a party. That’s what will keep Super Junior around. SNSD doesn’t have that. I think Hyoyeon and Sunny will disappear in the limelight once SNSD disbands.

Hwang Chansung is my choice in 2pm just because he’s the last in my pro con list that I made for 2pm. Jaebeom, Wooyoung, and Taecyeon are pure entertainment. Nichkhun has the face to carry him anywhere while Junsu and Junho has the talent to bring them success. It’s not that Chansung doesn’t have what the others have or that he will fail in achieving his success. The other members are just better than him.

In SHINee, I pick Taemin. The kid can rally dance but he does lack the personality that Key and Onew has. Also, he’s not as good-looking as Minho or as skilled in singing like Jonghyun. Actually, he’s no better than you and me in singing. Dancing is all he can offer. The kid might be cute but he won’t be cute forever.

Kara’s Gyuri comes up to mind when I’m picking one in their group. Though she’s the most beautiful and the leader, she hasn’t really been noticeable like the rest of Kara.

Lastly, DBSK. I think Changmin will be in trouble if DBSK does disband. He’s singing ability is quite average if you compare it to the rest of DBSK. His looks is actually quite plain too and he’s not as charming as the other are. The guy can sing but I really think he needs the other four members to be successful.

I’ll repeat, I’m not saying these idols are not going to be successful. They would just find it less easier to be on top unlike their group members.



  1. i agree everything you wrote bravo.

  2. i agree that changmin would find it hard to make it alone…but i think his singing skills are one of the best~ he can reach high nites like no other~ as for SNSD, i agree heartily~ same for big bang

    • Well, I have to pick one in DBSK.

  3. Haha yeah Seungri’s boring. Like in “Strong Baby”, he was trying too hard to be cool!
    Aw but I like Changmin though from 2PM. Maybe he’ll make it in acting (I think he’s the only one out of the group that has acted.) And yeah, Hyoyeon can dance but that’s all she’s got going for her.

    • What? Changmin of 2pm?

      Maybe you mean Changmin of 2am or Changmin of DBSK or Chansung of 2pm.

    • me too 🙂
      i like everybody in 2pm :p

  4. hi there, well here’s my opinion..
    for 2pm, i think it’s JUNSU….yes he got the singing voice but i think thats all. sorry to say this but i find him the least good looking in the group…
    chansung can act, he already gather fans from “unstoppable high kick”, and thats before debuting in 2pm….plus he got the looks and the body of a model. and he can be really funny and hilarious

    for super junior, i think its SHINDONG. i’ve been everywhere and up to now i havent seen any fan stating that shindong is their most fav member. but i’ve seen a lot of wookie fans squealing over his cuteness. yes shindong definitely can dance, but thats all he can offer.

    for other groups, i hv no comment, prolly cause i dont know much about them

    • same about shindong… and he’s kind of large….
      no offense 🙂

  5. lol you suck, you didn’t have to insult snsd like that, you stupid elf. boring? my ass. it obvious that you don’t know anything. u stupid anti, guess you just can’t take it that ur fav girl group aren’t as big as snsd. I don’t know who’s ur fav girl group, but I know that they’re poo and snsd is the sky. SNSD is koreas number 1 girl group, YEAH YOU HEARD ME, NUMBER 1! YEAH I’M OVERACTING, but it cuz u don’t even know anything. i hate u elfs. u prolly gonna delete this, coz YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! elfs suck.

    • lol! You’re over reacting and you know it. The author already said that this is among the group member. So she’s choosing HY and Sunny among the nine of them. I admit that HeoYeon is a good dancer but that’s it. Her voice is not that good and don’t forget, her other group members shine more that her. But I’m a little disagree with Sunny. She’s cute and her singing is one of the best in this group. Plus she is SM niece, so she can pull some string if she wants. Lastly, This is not about who’s the best in Korea. So, relax, ELF is out of topic here. (pardon my English -_-‘)

  6. i dont agree with u…all the member has their own specialty…eg~if taemin doesnt in SHINEE…who will be a lead dancer?? i cannot imagine….as u see all the name u mention is still young and they have time 2 improve…i bet they can go further…

    • yeah I agree with you =] every member has their own qualities that make their idol group. If this was posted in a cyowrld or something I think there’d be too much hate, I think sticking to saying the best (of what you think) instead of the least is better. Putting people down cannot be that fun. (and Im a seungri bias). so yeahhh

  7. Super junior is a whole: no-one is better than no-one, and ryeowook isn’t a [[her]] please edit before you post anything.

    Now towards SHINee’s Taemin, when i watched their debut song he was the one that first impress me. No-one is perfect, and himself as a group member relys on other members whilst other members relys on him.

    As I wrote: Super Junior is a whole; SHINee is a whole; every group is a whole, they rely on one another.

  8. i believe in everything you say except for the prak bom thing. park bom was used by 2ne1 for them to be famous because bom is the one who have this celebrity background thing in korea. she debut at 2000 or 2001 i think, that’s why she became famous, then 2ne1 debut is about 2009 and every people see how bom is part of the group and thats why they become famous.

  9. i dont know about the other but i think Changmin dbsk will success..
    he has a charisma, nice personality, charming, wonderful voice, always do everything seriously, nice posture, and all..
    he has me as a very big fan tough..
    maybe it’s a little biased coz i love him so much but i think he can stand with his own feet..

  10. I think you wrong about Chansung. Chansung is the most handsome member in 2pm. He has a charismatic personality, charming voice, very nice body and he can act very well. I think he will definitely success. =) (Sorry for my English)

    • I agree 🙂 Chansung is an amazing dancer, he can rap, sing, he’s got charisma, his humor is the best, he is kindly unique 🙂 I love all of the 2PM members but I have more love towards Chansung 🙂 he’s my absolute favorite, he’s totally my ideal guy ^-^ if 2PM ever dispands I won’t have to worry one bit about him, he will succeed in everything he does, I will always be his fan and cheer for him : ] ❤

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