Turning 100

September 28, 2009

If you’re following my post, you’ll know that this blog will be celebrating it’s 100th day anniversary this coming Wednesday. I’m honestly surprised that this blog actually made it this long. Shocked Fan started as just something to keep myself occupied. But as time went by, I kinda started to get excited in posting.

100 days is quite an achievement. I’m very proud of this blog. I wrote in here everything that I wanted to say. And it’s nice to know that people are actually visiting to hear from me. I do have lots of visits but only few are posting. I don’t actually know how they count the visits. Maybe by IP address or the number of hits. I don’t know. I hope in the future more would express their views by commenting. I would like that.

As I posted last week, I planned in making a list for the ten most talented korean idols of today as my 100th day project. Meaning I’ll be listing those idols who can actually be successful after or if their group does disband. I’m very excited about this to tell you the truth. I put a lot of work in this so I hope you would find the list insightful. I posted the groups that I would be considering, I chose these groups because they do have what it takes to go further. The groups included are as follows: 2am, 2NE1, 2pm, 4minute, After School, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, DBSK, F(x), Jewelry, Kara, SHINee, SNSD, SS501, Super Junior, T-ara, and the Wonder Girls.

Last weekend, I trimmed the list to 27. My basis for removing the rest and keeping these 27 is because this group of people is what’s keeping or bringing their group success, talent-wise. To refresh your memory, here’s the Top 27.

1.) 2am – Lee Changmin
2.) 2NE1 – CL
3.) 2NE1 – Minji
4.) 2pm – Jaebeom
5.) 2pm – Junsu
6.) 2pm – Junho
7.) 4minute – Jiyoon
8.) Big Bang – G Dragon
9.) Big Bang – TOP
10.) Big Bang – Taeyang
11.) Brown Eyed Girls – Miryo
12.) DBSK – Xiah Junsu
13.) DBSK – Jaejoong
14.) DBSK – Yunho
15.) Jewelry – Seo In Young
16.) Kara – Han Seung yeon
17.) SHINee – Jonghyun
18.) SNSD – Taeyeon
19.) SS501 – Hyun Joong
20.) SS501 – Kyu Jong
21.) Super Junior – Yesung
22.) Super Junior – Kyu Hyun
23.) Super Junior – Donghae
24.) Super Junior – Siwon
25.) Wonder Girls – Sunye
26.) Wonder Girls – Ye Eun
27.) Wonder Girls – Yoobin

Earlier in the day I again trimmed the list. The group of 27 definitely all has talent to back them up so I base my next next elimination with longevity and consistency. And after all the pro con lists I made, I end up with 16 people.

01. Cho Kyu Hyun
02. CL
03. G Dragon
04. Hero Jaejoong
05. Kim Hyun Joong
06. Kim Junsu (2pm)
07. Lee Donghae
08. Lee Junho
09. Min Sunye
10. Minji
11. Park Jaebeom
12. Park Ye Eun
13. Taeyang
14. TOP
15. U-Know Yunho
16. Xiah Junsu

Please do visit and comment. I do wish to hear your views and opinions.



  1. 27 to 16. So you removed

    1 Super Junior’s Yesung
    2 Super Junior’s Siwon
    3 Wonder Girls’s Yoobin
    4 SS501’s Kyu Jong
    5 SNSD’s taeyeon
    6 SHINee’s Jonghyun
    7 Jewelry’s Seo In Young
    8 Kara’s Han Seung Yeon
    9 Brown Eyed Girl’s Miryo
    10 4minute’s Jiyoon
    11 2am’s Changmin

    I somewhat agree but a little surprise that Minji is there instead of Miryo.

  2. woot! congrats!!

  3. Donghae? Seriously? DOnghae? I don’t think he’ll be a kangta. the guy is just a face.

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