10th Most Talented Korean Idol: Lee Junho

September 30, 2009

Lee Junho is probably the most underrated idol in the list. I mean if he is in another group, I’m sure he’ll be the leader and the one fans would be cheering on. He’s always behind Jaebeom talent wise and Nichkhun popularity wise.

When I think of 2pm, I always get this gang of friends impression on them. Jaebeom for example is the jock, Taec is the goofy sidekick, Wooyoung’s the joker, Nichkhun’s the boy next door guy, Junsu’s the quiet invisible one, Chansung’s the sex-crazed teenager (no offense to Hottest. It’ just an impression), and Junho’s the bad boy. The Pacey Witter of 2pm.

Junho was first known by the public as the winner of Superstar Survival. The show started with 12 teens and as the weeks goes by, they were eliminated one by one until three are left. Somewhat reminiscing of Survivor. Along with Chansung and Taec, the show intended to find potential artists that could be part of the JYP family. During the show, Junho was perceived as the cocky naive teenager. From what I’ve read, a lot of fans of the show were rooting for someone else at the finale. Someone posted the episodes but it wasn’t subbed. I hope madam2pmsub or time2sub will work on the show.

He then became part of JYP’s project group Hotblood which eventually became One Day which is then split into 2am and 2pm. Mnet even did a show about them. I honestly didn’t like the show that much. It wasn’t entertaining for me unlike Wonder Girls MTV introductory show.

In interviews, Junho has always stated that his forte is dancing. It’s actually obvious since he’s the only one who can actually keep up with Jaebeom. But I think his singing isn’t that bad. He is one of the few idols who can actually sing and dance at the same time. The first time I noticed his singing was when he and Junsu guested in a singing program. He sang Suhsi by Shin Sung Woo. That was a very difficult and high song but he pulled it off. He really pulled it off. He has a very nice tone in his voice seriously. Wooyoung and Kyu Hyun has one too. I don’t know much about singing but I know when I a guy is singing well.

Personality-wise, he has this cocky attitude as I said before. It’s honestly refreshing to have an idol like that. I think this is also what makes 2pm unique. Other idols are shy or conserved because they don’t want to tarnished their idol image. 2pm has changed that completely.

Someone commented that I should explain how I got the list the way it is. On Junho, the first elimination was meant to list down idols who actually have talent to show. I picked Junho because his dancing and singing are above average. He got through the 2nd and 3rd elimination because he does have this ‘it factor’. I can’t put it into words but there’s something about him that you would wanna see more. I don’t know if I’m writing it right but there’s just something there.

There you have it. The 1oth Most Talented Korean Idol. Please visit me soon to know the rest of the ranking. Can you guess who’s 9th?

Junho is known for his dancing but here’s a vid of him singing.




  1. 01. CL
    02. G-Dragon
    03. Hero Jaejoong
    04. Min Sunye
    05. Park Jaebeom
    06. Taeyang
    07. TOP
    08. U-Know Yunho
    09. Xiah Junsu

    10. Lee Junho

    I think it kinda logical to put Junho in tenth. Comparing him with other 9, he hasn’t really been wowing us with his talent.

    I tink 9th would be betwee:

    I don’t know if Yunho and TOP would go further in the list. They’re not as varied(TOP) or as explosive(Yunho) as the other people in the list

  2. I think TOP is 9th.

  3. Happy 100th day by the way

  4. Can’t say I object. He is on the loosing end when compared to the other people in the list.

    I’m amazed how much you’ve done for the 100th day of your blog. I do applaud you. You’re blog is quite different. You really voice out your opinions unlike the rest who just re-post what they read at other blogs.

    I’ve read a lot of your articles and it’s insightful a very wordy. You really have so much to say.

    Happy 100th day again.

  5. I think TOP would be 9th.

    Happy 100th day Shocked Fan. You’re blog is really insightful.

  6. Just a guest

    1. G Dragon
    2. Xiah junsu
    3. CL
    4. Hero
    5. Taeyang
    6. Yunho
    7. Sunye
    8. Jaebeom
    9. TOP

    I think TOP’s 9th

  7. top is 9th…
    anywei, how do you go about this list…
    do you reveal it daily?

    • i’m sorry for the late reply. I’ll post it every other other. The 9th will be posted within the day and the 8th will be on sunday.

  8. I think Jaebeom, TOP, and CL will be the next three. Wow, this feels like survivor. Guessing who’s next in the ranking.

  9. 1. Max Changmin
    2. Hero Jaejoong
    3. Leeteuk
    4. Hankyung
    5. Hyunjoong
    6. Bi Rain
    7. Se7en
    8. Daesung
    9. Zhoumi
    10.Henry Lau

  10. I like Junho ,You So Cute Face
    When You Smile 🙂

  11. junho is the best one for me ^^
    he is so naive, talented [his voice and his dance movement are extraordinary], cute, wise, well mannered, polite and mature. i like him so much XDD

  12. junho is very cute. his face is something similar with Bi Rain. he should be no2 after jaejoong… =D

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