An MR comparison

October 1, 2009

I was going through some performance when I noticed an MR removed version of the vid that I was watching. For those who don’t know MR stands for music recorded. The artist is not singing their parts on their own. No back up singers are used but the voices are pre-recorded prior to the performance.

Anyway, I started thinking stuff about MR and then I decided to do an article about it. The first thing I did was to look for MR versions that are healthy to hear. Meaning, the voices are not destroyed by the software that was used to remove the MR. It was kinda hard to find a video that only the singers are heard or at least the artist is loud enough to overcome the MR. So here are the videos that I had gathered. The best that I can find.

Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”

It is noticeable that they barely sing the ‘Nobody’ line. The MR does mostly that part it seems. Honestly, it’s good. They do sound great. I’m actually confused why they used it in the first place. They are in tune. And Sohee does sing. I’ve read somewhere that Sohee do not sing all her parts. The MR helps her. But as you can hear, she does sing her entire part. Well, at least in this performance. Here’s the aired version.

2NE1’s “I Don’t Care”

I’m very amaze. It sounds almost like the track. I think Park Bom was the only one who sounded a bit different. I don’t know if she hit all notes right. Her notes are the highest. I don’t know. The rest sounds like the one in the album. Here’s the aired version.

SNSD’s “Gee”

Well, I think something is different. I’ll be honest, the MR really helps them a lot. Maybe they had a bad day. It’s not that they butchered the song or they were off. It was just way different than the performance version. Here’s the aired version of the song.

Listen to Taeyeon at the end of both the MR removed and aired version. It sounded a bit weird performance-wise. I mean that part can be omitted. I don’t know. I’m not a fan of SNSD so I can see their faults more. I mean all fans will go to lengths to protect their idols. So non-fans are the ideal people to spot anything lacking in the artist. For a group that parades their vocal prowess, this is not a good MR version. We know that some of them can sing but maybe those members that can sing should just be the only ones who sings.

SHINee’s “Love’s Like Oxygen” and “Amigo”

The singing was actually good. I’m still amaze how they can sing and dance at the same time. SHINee’s choreography have been pretty difficult to follow but they sounded so good. A little pitchy here and there but one of the best. Seriously that was amazing. Can’t here Taemin that much though but Jonghyun, Key, and Onew singing were very clear. Kudos. And to think they’re younger than me. Damn it. I saw f(x)’s performance as well and though I don’t like the girls’ debut song, their performance was quite amazing. Seems the sunbaes in SM has a thing or two to learn from their dongsaeng. Seriously, DBSK, SHINee, f(x) are way better than Super Junior and SNSD. Here’s the aired version.

2pm’s “Only You”

They sounded so much like the track, seriously. I don’t even know if hey used an MR here. I think Taeceyon’s part and the “Only You” have MR but the rest, I think it’s pure singing. I don’t know if this was better than SHINee since Amigo is a faster song. At least we know that all of 2pm can sing. Here’s the aired version.

People worth mentioning (sounds so much like the track):
01.) CL
02.) Dara
03.) Jaebeom
04.) Jonghyun
05.) Junho
06.) Junsu
07.) Onew
08.) Sunmi
09.) Sunye
10.) Tiffany

Again, these are the only ones I included because these are the only MR versions that I could hear the artists clearly and their voices are not distorted by whatever MR removing software there is.

Wonder Girls & SHINee – http://www.youtube.com/user/lolly1588
Wonder Girls – http://www.youtube.com/user/wonderrifics
2NE1 – http://www.youtube.com/user/ygsecret21
2NE1 – http://www.youtube.com/user/Jellosweets
SNSD – http://www.youtube.com/user/gianbok
SNSD – http://www.youtube.com/user/thicindy
SHINee – http://www.youtube.com/user/VALERWHEEEXD
2pm – http://www.youtube.com/user/yyeeun
2pm – http://www.youtube.com/user/mrsdonghae



  1. dara? humm.,not sure about dara.

    • Hehe. I know people would react with her. She’s not the strongest singer but she really does sound like the track in “I Don’t care”. Maybe because her part isn’t really that challenging.

    • Im sorry I dont agree with you. But why only Dara eh! Dara can sing even though her tone of voice is not ala Diva uh! but she can sing, OK!!!!

      SNSD agree…they mostly rely on MR. personally when I hear Jessica sing on first part I cant barely hear her voice and Taeyoun too. But the other girls no doubt CAN’T sing.
      the rest groups are so-so but not bad.
      2pm and Shinee are preety good.

      But Im just wondering WHY People only Points to DARA?….thye’re just soo Unfair and please not most of korean singer groups can sing. OK!
      thanks for sharing this.

  2. i think Dara is an ok singer, she is up to the same level as Sohee. But the thing is, Dara sings the parts that are suitable and capeable for her, making her sound as good as the others. While Sohee gets the parts which makes her singing sound high pitched. Overall, i think 2pm and 2ne1 are hands down amazing live singing idols. But i’m still charmed by wg, hope to see more improvements!

    • though i agree to most of your statement…i don’t think dara is as the same level as sohee…sohee is on her own different (but definitely bad…sorry not a fan of her) league…even dara is better than half of snsd…

      dara’s average singing is always only highlighted because all of her members have good vocals…

  3. I LOVE DARA. She can sing…ok thanks bye. BTW! nice blog ^^

  4. just because Dara has a soft voice, it doesnt mean she cant sing!

    actually her parts are quite difficult. anyone who tries to sing her parts knows that. if u check some 2NE1 covers they say there how Dara’s parts are surprisingly difficult esp with the tone she reaches like for the song I Dont Care and In the Club.

    and some have noticed that CL and Minji sing their parts 2 keys lower during live perfs.

    there u go!

  5. wg sucks at live performances, live with it. stop putting dara down, she’s not as bad as people deem her to be.

    • If WG sucks, then what will you call SNSD? Their vid in this article is so amateurish. No one is saying that Dara can’t sing. ShockedFan was just saying that Dara sounded so much like the track. The Top Ten doesn’t mean the top ten singers but the ten people who sounded so much like the ones in their track.

    • Honestly, if I have to rank the above performances, this would be my ranking.

      1.) 2pm
      2.) SHINee
      3.) 2NE1
      4.) Wonder Girls
      6.) SNSD -> it’s really that bad. I mean, it feels like the MR is the reason why the song became a hit and not SNSD themselves.

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