Can Kara do Wonder Girls?

October 1, 2009

I’ve read in allkpop.com that Kara will be performing Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ for the Chuseok special of MBC. It would be very interesting to see if Kara has the ability to generate a performance to even compare to the Wonder Girls. Though they drastically improved in synchronization in their latest album, Wonder Girls is Wonder Girls. I mean Wonder Girls has always been known for their synchronization. At the peak of SNSD vs Wonder Girls rivalry, SNSD fans would always take pride on how well of singers SNSD are (well, there’s nine of them to divide the song) and WonderFuls has been saying proud how great performers the Wonder Girls are.

Saying that, Kara has never really been known as great performers. They’re in the same market as SNSD and T-ara. All 3 are selling cuteness and somewhat sex (no offense but it is like that). I’m not expecting Kara to out-perform Wonder Girls but I do hope that they do a good job. I mean their Again and Again performance wasn’t that ok. Well, for me it wasn’t. It seemed like a cat trying to be a dog. The best cover of 2pm’s Again and Again would have to be Brown Eyed Girl’s version. Well, just an opinion. Anyway, I will be waiting for fans to upload the said episode. Let’s see.





  1. Kara’s gonna burn

  2. Haha so true. They’re still selling sex on the market with crap music. No one can compare to Wonder Girls, NO ONE. They’re way too superior but they certainly don’t show it. They’re humble and truly like their rookie days.

  3. I watch and Kara can’t give ‘Nobody’ the justice. Kara is too soft or too cute maybe (I don’t know how to say it)

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