9th Most Talented Korean Idol: U-Know Yunho

October 2, 2009

Yunho got this far in the ranking because of his singing ability, dancing skills, and his so famous DBSK-charms. He was included in the pool of people that survived the first elimination. His potential for a solo career gave him a ticket to pass the second time around. I used pro con lists to determine my top 10 and it’s also those pro con list that stated that his 9th in the ranking.

Yunho was a trainee of SM when he debut in a five member group, DBSK, over six year ago. He was made the leader of the said group. I think he became the leader because he was the oldest. Anyway, the group turned out to be the most popular boy group in Asia today. The charms of DBSK is their in sync singing. That’s what I first noticed about them. They’re amazing singers.

I know most of you would be surprise that Yunho didn’t went further in the rankings, but hear me out. Everyone was actually expecting someone else. Everyone in the top 10 actually even the top 16 have talents to put them through the business. Now it all comes down to charisma. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have any, it’s just that the other eight are more explosive than him. Yunho can sing, and he can dance as well. But so what? Do you get my point?

He lacks that attitude and emotion that the rest of the people in the list gives. That ability to make the audience mesmerize to you. That no matter how many of you are in the stage, people will keep looking at you. Maybe not lacking, it’s just that the other eight have more of it. Watch some DBSK performances, who do you notice more?

In a plus side he has this ‘prince charming’ aura. He’s good looking, tall, and conserve. He does seems like a genuine good guy. Maybe that’s it. Good guys finish last. I don’t know.

Well that’s the 9th Most Talented Korean Idol. I’ll be posting the 8th on Sunday. Can you guess who will it be? I’ll be posting the ranking every other day so please visit my blog often. Do comment. I really wanna hear your inputs.

DBSK are great singers. To change it up. Here’s a vid of Yunho dancing in Starking.





  1. i’ve been waiting for this…
    i actually think its top, but after reading your thoughts, i now agree…
    and to answer your question, it was jaejoong who keeps my attention when they are performing…

  2. it’s not yunho who’s the oldest but jaejoong.
    yunho is only a half or gaurter of the month younger then jaejoong. oh if you have more questions about dbsk. just send a comment on cassiopiavote website. if you don’t know. cassiopia os DBSK fanservice name

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