An article on the Jaebeom Controversy

October 3, 2009

As I was browsing the net for anything about the Chuseok Special, I found an article in K Bites about an actress wishing Park Jaebeom’s return to the limelight. The article is nothing special really. Numerous celebrity and public figures have stated their stand in the myspace thing and commented positively for the 2pm member. The article did made me think about the whole situation.

With all the warm and positive feedbacks towards his comeback, why is Jaebeom still not in Korea? Or at least an inch closer from where he stands a month ago. If the whole incident did not happen, 2pm along with SNSD might have been all over these Chuseok Specials. No offense to ELFs, but 2pm has been the boy group to beat in terms of popularity this year. Unlike Super Junior and SHINee, every member of 2pm had been very much popular.

With that saying, I don’t understand why JYP is not going the distance when it comes to bringing him back. Since the Wonder Girls left for the US, 2pm is the only one that has been putting JYP on the map. For those of you who don’t know, JYP’s active talents are the Wonder Girls, 2pm, 2am, and Joo. The latter two aren’t really that established popularity-wise. I’m starting to think that maybe there is something deeper in this whole controversy than they ought to be. Maybe there is a conspiracy. It really makes you think.

When the myspace incident happened a month ago, I initially speculated that it was the work of a SHINee or a Super Junior fan. 2pm’s popularity has been surprisingly fast. Barely a year before their debut, already two mutizen. That is quite rare. I thought maybe SM fans or even SM himself concocted the situation to put down 2pm. No offense to SM fans, I have this mentality that Lee Soo Min is all for the money and would do anything to stabilize his income. Look at what’s happening with DBSK.

The biggest question still is why is JYP and his company not doing anything? Maybe I don’t know much about the industry but I do know that I should protect whatever is helping me bring food into my mouth. 2pm is the standing figure of JYP at the moment and 2am can never bring what 2pm has brought.

In the silent protest done by Hottest in front of the JYP building a few weeks ago, I’ve read that what fans want is for JYP to retract Jaebeom’s resignation. That’s all they want. Not for Jaebeom to comeback ASAP, not for Jaebeom to perform in the coming Dream Concert and not for Jaebeom to perform again with 2pm. What the fans want is the assurance that 2pm is still a seven member group. I don’t think fans would even care if Jaebeom will perform again with the group a year later. As long as the company still recognize Jaebeom as a 2pm member, then all is well. No CDs are returned, no merchandises are banned, and no post-its in their building.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Jaebeom stated that he wants to comeback to 2pm? So why not make the announcement that Jaebeom is still part of 2pm but needs time to move on from the incident? Or maybe JYP doesn’t really want Jaebeom to comeback. I don’t know. There’s just too many things that doesn’t make sense. Why is JYP not trying that hard to bring him back.

I’m thinking maybe netizens. But how many are they? I don’t think they are even a portion of the number of people who wants him back. Every idol group has antifans. Actually everyone has antifans. What makes these Jaebeom-haters special?

My friend, the same one who thinks male idols are gay, told me that maybe this might be a publicity stunt. JYP did report that 2pm will be coming back with their first full length album sometime in mid-October. And if Jaebeom does comeback, the sales will go through the roof, my friend says. If this really is the reason for the company’s silence, then kudos to JYP for making such a dangerous marketing move. But if it’s not, then what is?

I’m seriously afraid for 2pm. All seven of them. Their fate is in the hands of either a sage or a fool. Question is, whose hands are they?



  1. woow. that was soo well said. lol honestly, a lot of the things you said were basically what i’ve been thinking this whole time. but at the same time i really don’t want to think that JYP would do something like that. cause he’s soo chill and cool. but i mean you never know right? this whole situation is just driving me crazy. and i def agree that if they say he needs some time off and would come back later, we wouldn’t be like this. but at this point, i just hope this is his “marketing” technique. cause i want jay back.

  2. I REALLY wish despite what happened in September and whatever he told the company in December, JYPE should have just let him stay in Korea and should have done something to defend him.

  3. I think we should all support 2PM: http://nynyonline.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/i-was-wrong-sorry-159pm/

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