8th Most Talented Korean Idol: TOP

October 4, 2009

I know everyone is expecting his name to come up sooner rather than later. TOP in my opinion is the best rapper in the industry today. Everytime he raps, you just want to hear more. I think he is even the reason why Big Bang is so far different and unique from other idol groups.

Super Junior has Eunhyuk and Shindong, SHINee has Minho and sometimes Key, and 2pm has Jaebeom, Chansung and Taecyeon. What TOP has that the above doesn’t, is the bad boy image. I think JYP was trying to mimic that to Taecyeon in 2pm’s ‘I Hate You’ but Taecyeon showed an angrier version of what TOP is.

TOP portrays this cool bad boy on screen. Like the guy in high school that everyone wants to be friends with because he’s so cool. But apparently he’s not like that off screen. I saw his Family Outing episode and he’s as goofy as Daesung. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing honestly, but it’s nice that he’s not as bad as I thought he is.

Anyway, going back to the ranking, TOP places 8th because of his lack of variation. TOP is a great rapper but his singing and dancing isn’t that good. No offense to VIP and to him, but I think all he’s good at is rap. So if he does go on his own, he would be appealing to just a small portion of the general public. His lack of performance variation makes him inferior to the other seven that are part of the list.

I’m not saying that rappers are inferior. Rappers in the US have generated much more success than the balladeers. But if TOP does decide to go on his own, he would be at the mercy of the Korean people, who would love to hear singing more than rapping. If you think about it, only Epik High and Outsider are the only pure rappers in the business. Everyone else is virtually unknown.

So there you have it. The 8th Most Talented Korean Idol. Do comment if you have any violent reaction. There’s seven more left to grill. Try to guess who’s at number seven. I’ll be posting my next article on this on Tuesday. I’ll leave you with Big Bang’s acoustic version of Haru Haru. In this performance, you’ll really see how great of a rapper TOP is.





  1. I got this one right. Who’s left?

    Xiah Junsu

    I think Xiah, GD, Taeyang are the upper 3. That leaves CL, Sunye, Jaebeom and Jaejoong.

    Hmm. I think Jaebeom or CL. The newcomers I think.

    Just thought of something.
    Jaejoong and Sunye are singers
    Jaebeom and CL are rappers.

    • definitely agree that junsu, gd, taeyang are top 3…with gd topping it…7th is sunye…

  2. i remember that last year on Mnet ranking GD got #1spot,#2 was soohae(WG), #3 was Junsu and #4 was TOP. in my opinion, #1 and #2 likely are BB’s members, either GD and TaeYang. #3 Junsu, #4 CL, #5 either JJ or JB.
    as best performer, no one can deny GD and TaeYang are the best ones out of the rest of the list.
    vocal skill Taeyang and Junsu are the best.
    Dance skill Taeyang and JeaBeom are the best.
    rap skill no one can beat GD but CL(i dont think see can either) (Jeabeom is good but Taeyang rap skill can beat him for a chance, note: Teayang was rapper, he is till good now. and Taeyang cant really get the uniqueness of GD)
    song-writter(the lyrics) and compose skill, junsu is good but GD beats all cus Lie and Haru Haru are 4ever hits.
    eventhough i think GD deserves #1 for everything he is and everything he has gone through laterly(as a 21 years old idol he has gone through too much distress for his age, ppl r to harsh on idol, they r young and r not even musicans, ppl seem to forget they r “idol”)he still manages to give great performances and keeps himself standing steady. but i think u guys will rank TY #1 cus as u said, Korean like singing not rapping, and TY definitely deserves #1 spot too. Junsu is #3 for his beautiful voise and for who he is.
    CL is a beast. she shows no mercy to the guys. i would like to rank her #3 but if compare talen wise she still behind the trio a bit. i really admire her.
    jeabeom has great potential in dancing, singing, rapping and performing but he remind me of Teayang a lot but there are something in TY he cant never be that why he is still quite far away from TY now however TY is TY and JB is JB , maybe in future we will see. but if talk abt potential, CL can compete him anyday(and she is even a girl).
    JeaJoong and Sunye: no comment.
    i notice that this is the competition of 3 biggest companies huh?

  3. agree with kbig


    this big 3 is the best

    GD?? no question! he do everything in the best way!
    i cant even complain on whatever he wears, whatever he says, whatever he does, or whatever he is
    i just love him the way he is and he must be number 1 with all his skill from dancing,singing,rapping,song-writing, directing his mv,producing,leading BB, blah blah blah (too many)

    CL? aigoo…this badest female is the best!
    rapping,singing,dancing,acting cute
    wht else do we need from her?

    TOP! as he bears such a good name
    he will always be on top
    acting,singing,dancing??? no DOUBT!

  4. Number 1 spot is most likely going to be reserved for G-Dragon…no one can deny his stage presence. Number 2 will be either Taeyang or Junsu. Number 4 Sunye 5 CL 6 Jaebum 7 Jaejoong

  5. TOP shud be # 5 i think, since he is also dayum gun in acting, esp in IRIS

  6. Ahh I am one of the biggest TOP fans all of my friends know. However, I must agree with you.
    The only good thing he did before was rapping, and he’s phenomenal, to be compared to the ones we already have in the biz,
    I’m glad he’s branching out to acting, too now.
    At least, that’s something he could try to be good at.

    In addition to that, I think he CAN sing well, he has a very unique distinct voice. However, I heard that he was never officially trained in singing, compared to the main vocals of BIGBANG.
    Besides, we already have 2 main vocals in the group (Dae & Bae), then I guess he’s better off doing what he does best, which is rapping.

    I love your blog. Expect to see me a lot around here.
    Keep up the good work! ❤

    • Unfortunately you won’t see much of me. This is my last day of blogging. enjoy my other posts though.

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