After School covers 2pm

October 4, 2009

MBC held ‘Star Dance Battle Change!’ as a special for the annual Chuseok Festival. In this event, idol groups and celebrities will be performing songs by another singer. After School decided to perform 2pm’s hit single, ‘Again and Again’. The song was covered before by Kara but I have to say that this is a more decent performance by a girl group. I’m not being a sexist. The song and choreography are just too manly and it would challenging for a woman to perform it.

After School’s take on the song was actually a surprise to me. It was more than I expected. It gave me much more respect to them as singers. And it seems that After School is the only girl group around that can actually perform at par with male idols. SNSD also performed a male song, Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’, but it wasn’t really that great. It wasn’t as exciting as After School’s performance. And besides, ‘Sorry, Sorry’ isn’t really that hard of a dance.

Notice the encryption in Gahee’s arm. It says, “This is for you guys”. Really touching actually. It seems like 2pm has a lot of friends in the business. A lot have stated their fandom and desire for 2pm to perform again. 2am, Wonder Girls, Baek Ji Young, SHINee’s Onew, After School, Kara, Lee Hyori, Chaeyeon, Cherry Filter, Brown Eyed Girls, and the list goes on. I hope 2pm does perform again as a whole but if not, I will still support them.

Here’s After School’s performance.



One comment

  1. actually i find it boring…i don’t know, i think again and again is a man’s song…that’s why it felt awkward for me seeing girls performing it…even afterschool… and i just have to point out that 2ne1 is one (if not the best) in performing at par with male idols…just look at sbs big show last sat…and also their last farewell can compete with bigbang’s version (this coming from a vip)…all of this, biased aside, with me being a yg fan…

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