Nobody does ‘Nobody’ like the Wonder Girls

October 4, 2009

As reported earlier, Kara did Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ in a Chuseok Festival special. I didn’t really expect much from Kara and I was right to do that. Wonder Girls has always been known for their synchronization and Kara didn’t really show that. But in fairness to them, the transitions from one position to another was spectacular. The details like the hand gesture and the lack of snap in their movement is what made it awkward. But kudos to them still. Kara and SNSD have improve massively in terms of dancing in comparison to last year.

The ‘Nobody’ dance isn’t that difficult honestly. The challenge comes when you have to synchronize it with your fellow performers. That I give to the Wonder Girls. I’m just amaze how they can be in sync especially with ‘Nobody’. The choreography of the song requires you to perform in a specific amount of space. And in that little space, mistakes can easily be spotted.

I would love to see SNSD perform this song. Lately, SONE has been parading that SNSD are the best in terms of synchronization. Well, let’s just see.



One comment

  1. i like ur title. nobody does “nobody” like wonder girls. they’re sure the best in synchronization. they’re always on point and move right with the music notes.

    kara’s nobody was kinda out of place with hara and the maknae bumping the stands. i guess they dont concentrate on the choreography much.

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