7th Most Talented Korean Idol: Min Sunye

October 6, 2009

Min Sunye first grabbed the attention of the public and JYP when she audition in the Park Jin Young’s 99% Challenge project back in 2001. She eventually won the competition and then trained in the company for more or less six years before she debut as the leader of the Wonder Girls. From there, all is history.

When I first got into Kpop, Wonder Girls were the ones dominating the charts with their song, ‘So Hot’. I immediately became a fan, the song was really catchy and their dancing was really sharp. I knew Super Junior first but I wasn’t into them as much as I was with the Wonder Girls. I thought all idol groups are as polish as the Wonder Girls. It was then that I started watching idol performances.

Everyone knows that Sunye can sing and she can surely dance but what I really like about her is her work ethic. She is one of only few Kpop artist that actually wants to grow as musicians. Everyone else are just enjoying the ride. If you’ll notice, she has the most stage presence. I mean she gives it her all in all of their performance, whether it be in terms of singing or dancing. Also she has this ability to make the audience look at her. My friend, the one who thinks male idols are gay, says that he always notice her in their performances. I noticed that too. Even in their practices, you can’t help but look at her.

Saying that, the reason why Sunye finished seven in the ranking is because the other six have a wider range of entertainment and is more stable in the longevity category. Also, she has this goody good two shoes image that will actually go against her in the long run.

It is quite rare to have somebody like Sunye in the business/ She’s talented, naturally pretty, and has so much charisma. But there’s something telling me that in 5-7 years YG, SM, or JYP can debut someone just like her. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

And there you have it, the seventh most talented Korean Idol. It seems someone is in a roll. Can you guess the sixth? Anyway, I’ll post the next one on Friday. I will be so busy in the coming days. Do comment if you have any violent reactions.

I’ll leave you with Sunye’s duet with Big Bang’s Taeyang of Irony. These two really has amazing chemistry. I wonder if they dated.





  1. is it me? hehe…
    6th is a toss between jaejoong, jaebeom, and cl…but i will go with jaebeom..

  2. there will always be 1 leader min!

  3. then who’s number 1-6? Sunye deserves a higher rank.

    • backtrack my posts.

  4. I get your point and I kinda agree with it but I think she should have been at least number 5.

  5. Ah.. If only JYP lets WG do more solo project..

  6. yeah.. she must be atleast @ number 5

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