6th Most Talented Korean Idol: CL

October 9, 2009

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me here. But I do believe that I’m right putting here in sixth. CL is no doubt the most talented female singer today. She can really sing and a hell of a rapper. When 2NE1 first came out with ‘Lollipop’, I never really noticed her because of how much Sandara stood out. I never even thought that she was any good. Well until, the first teaser of ‘Fire’ came out.

When the first teaser of ‘Fire’ came out, I was amazed with what I heard. ‘My name is CL of 2NE1’, that phrase has so much confidence. I didn’t really paid much attention to Minji and CL during the hype of ‘Lollipop’. I never thought they’re interesting enough. But now it seems that the two are the heart and soul of what 2NE1 is.

I know a lot of people were awaiting 2NE1’s debut after ‘Fire’ came out. Seriously, it’s one of the best songs that came out this year. I think their debut was just phenomenal. And CL gave this ‘I’m the best’ attitude that is just so addicting to watch.

I think CL’s the best female rapper active because she can really make the audience listen to her. You would just be asking for more. Nothing against the Brown Eyed Girls, I think Miryo can really rap but there would be instances that I wished that her part would just be over. I don’t know if it’s just me who feels that way. The same things goes for SHINee’s Key and Minho. They can rap but it seems that there is something wrong. Please comment on this because I’ve been wanting to write an article on the matter.

Going back to CL, at first glance, you can tell that she’s not really one of the pretty ones in the business. But she this ability to get the audience to her just like Sunye. The latter does it with her dancing and CL does it with her energy. It’s actually amazing that she can get so much attention even though she’s not that pretty.

CL finished sixth because I don’t think she can actually beat the remaining five success-wise. Talent doesn’t just mean the ability to sing or the skill to dance. As I’ve said in a previous article, charisma is of equal weight with singing and dancing when you measure talent. You also have to be able to actually attract an audience. Though CL has that ability, I don’t think think she can win over G-Dragon, Hero Jaejoong, Jaebeom, Taeyang or Xiah Junsu. So basically she got beat because of the competition’s personality and ability to get an audience.

I’ll again use Bada and Hyori as an example. Singing, Bada beats Hyori. And both are similar in dancing. The difference is really charisma. Though Hyori is pretty, I don’t think it’s the main factor that contributed to her success. Take a look at Tei and Kim Tae Woo. Though Tei is much cooler and more handsome, Kim Tae Woo still received much more love.

There you have it, the sixth Most Talented Korean Idol. I know some of you didn’t expect this.

Here’s CL and her fellow members version of Rihanna’s ‘Take a Bow’. She can rap and she can really sing.





  1. waa!!!!
    love from blackjack!!
    pls let our oppa be no 1!!
    g g g g g baby baby gd gd baby baby

  2. yeah… i personally think CL is the core reason to why 2ne1 performance are so great… she bring energy, attitude, she shake up the entire stage. I think the boys are at an advantage at this…to get all the fan girl going crazy by just a smile or showing that six-pack. it’s a little harder for girls group but she did it and may i say if there’s a male version of CL out there…. no doubt in my mind he’ll be on top of the list.that would be like combining YB and GD into one.
    But hey… maybe it’s just me being CL-bias

  3. I agree. I think CL is probably the best female performer right now in k-pop. I don’t listen to rap much but when CL rap, I really enjoy listening to it. Cl, not 2NE1, is probably the person that got me hook into k-pop.

  4. I’m really agree that cl is the most talented want in the group. she is cool and very charismatic. At first, I thought that she was ugly to be an idol but now I understand talent is much more important than look. Someone who is beautiful without so much talent will be recognized only for a short moment but with talent they can be really recognized much more longer although it will take time. Once someone with talent are recognized they will be the top one and be a great idol. so for cl she just need to be herself and i guaranteed she will be the greatest one in a short period of time.so fighting.

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