The Maknaes are turning into Men

October 11, 2009

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a few of the younger people in the industry have grown quite a bit in the past few months. Notably the men maknaes. You would notice more change on the guys than the women. Jinwoon of 2am and Taemin of SHINee for example. Though Kara’s Ji Young also matured, the guys’ change is more noticeable.

Taemin’s body is starting to shape and moving away from the girlish body image that he had and actually starting have some masculinity to show. I hope SHINee fans won’t take this the wrong way, but Taemin seemed like one of those kids that you don’t know if he’ll turn out straight or not. I’m not implying that he would be, I’m just saying that he doesn’t show that much aggressiveness as he should. I’m not Korean, and maybe it’s a Korean thing. And also maybe because he is the maknae not only of SHINee but also of SM, well the male maknae. F(x) has already debut.

Also, another one has caught my attention recently. 2am hasn’t really been seen much after they finished the promotion of their 2nd mini album. Out of the four, Jinwoon is the least seen. Jo Kwon has a few shows he is in while Changmin and Seulong has their regular guest stints. Jinwoon must be busy in school and stuff. Anyway, I was actually surprised when I saw him in the Chuseok special and then again on last Saturday’s Dream Concert. Maybe it’s the hair or something but he has grown. Honestly, he has the potential to be the face the group. This is probably what 2am needs. Someones to actually get the girl fans screaming.

Check out the two in their Dream Concert vids:




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