October 13, 2009

To those of you who don’t know, the title of this article is the name of Lee Hongki’s new band. Well, at least in the series “You’re Beautiful”. In the show, a new band member is introduced to the members. This new member unfortunately gotten himself into a mishap when a surgeon made a mistake while doing him. The new member and his manager decided to go to the US to undo the surgery done to him. But the problem is, he needs at least a month to heal from the surgery. So the manager asked the new band member’s twin sister to pose as him until his brother comes back.

It’s a reminisce of Yoon Eun Hye’s role in Coffee Prince and a little touch of Boys over Flower, but what’s great about this show is that it’s a complete twist of Coffee Prince. I highly recommend this show. Honestly, it just cracks me up. Kudos to the writer.

But apparently it is not being received as much as it should. According to wiki-addicts. The first episode is in 11th place while the 2nd one places 12th. Maybe Korean people doesn’t get the humor but I know this would be a hit in other countries. There’s 14 episodes left and I can’t wait for all of it. The show airs every Wednesday and Thursday night so subs will be available at least on Friday. Seriously, you got to watch it.




  1. The show is surprisingly entertaining. Hongki is such a character. Where do you watch the series?

    • You can watch episodes at mysoju.com and they all have English subtitles 🙂

      This show is so cute; I love the twist it has taken so that it differs from Coffee Prince! And the actors aren’t too hard on the eyes, either..haha ^.^

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