Can 2pm get up again?

October 13, 2009

A lot has been said and done in the past month. From the spread of Park Jaebeom’s myspace comment up to the recently concluded 2009 Dream Concert. I don’t know much how the music business works in Korea but I do know how people think.

In a few weeks, three boybands will make their debut. Rain’s group project, MBLAQ, AJ’s new team, B2ST, and the male version of So Nyeo Shi Dae, Child of Empire. All three idol groups have a somewhat link to 2pm. B2ST has expressed their desire to take away the beast idol title from 2pm while Child of Empire did an excellent cover of a 2pm song. And MBLAQ, in my opinion is the closest to 2pm, image-wise. Both MBLAQ and 2pm defies the norm.

I know it has just been a few weeks since the 2pm domino of misfortunes happened. But with the wave of boy bands coming out, I can’t help but think that maybe if 2pm does comeback, even as 7 member, there won’t be much to comeback to. Fans will always be fans. Though Koreans fans are the most loyal fans out there, a person has his limit. He won’t wait forever. Especially if the fan has finally accepted the fact that his cause is not fighting for.

2pm has got to be the most popular group around. No offense intended to Big Bang, Super Junior and SHINee, but you have to admit that it is true. Their surge to the top has been pheonominal. Big Bang, Super Junior and even DBSK took longer to get to where 2pm is in right now, popularity-wise. But with recent events, it seems like it’s all down hill for the group.

Like many fans, I don’t know quite well what’s happening in JYP but I do know something is not right. As I said in a previous article, 2pm has been the sole act that has been putting money to the company as much as the Wonder Girls have done. I don’t understand why the company is not doing that much to actually save their income. The fans have expressed their resentment on 2pm being a six member and showed support on a Jaebeom comeback. 2pm members have showed their support to Jaebeom in one way or another. And Jaebeom has stated his willingness to comeback to the group. So what’s keeping the company from reuniting the members?

I’ve seen MBLAQ’s Rain concert performance, B2ST’s album teaser, and Child of Empire’s showcase performance. And to be honest, all three are good. They have the face and the talent to overthrow 2pm if the latter group remains in the hole they are in now. JYP must act to keep himself in the competition. Once 2pm is out, who will represent the company? 2am? Joo?

Here are my suggestions to JYP:

Sceneraio 1: Jaebeom will not comeback
1.) Ask Jaebeom to to do an interview.
2.) Re-debut the remaining 6pm. Change their name.
3.) Talk to fans.

Scenario 2: Jaebeom will comeback
1.) Announce that Jaebeom is still part of 2pm but will be in leave to help him get over the myspace incident.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the three debuting groups. It seems like there’s potential there to be something great.


One comment

  1. hey thanks for the info i liked the info on the new groups and i had a theory on jaebum coming back but i dont think its true : / anyways thanks 😀

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