4th Most Talented Korean Idol: Park Jaebeom

October 15, 2009

Jaebeom didn’t finished this far because I’m a 2pm fan or because I feel sorry for what had happened to him. I genuinely think he will become one of the greatest artist in Korea if he would be given a chance. The guy can seriously sing, with awesome dancing skills plus he can really rap.

Park Jaebeom came to Korea through a JYP audition. When he fortunately got accepted, he trained for four years before debuting as the leader of 2pm. What separates Jaebeom from the rest of the list is that he has so much variety entertainment-wise. I mean he can show so much.

As I said, he’s a good dancer, singer, and rapper and he also does well in interaction. Most of 2pm does. Maybe that’s why they were able to befriend a lot of Korean celebrities. He has this persona that everyone wants to be friends with. Like in highschool.

Jaebeom beats the likes of Yunho and Sunye in this list because of his superior talent but he lost to G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Xiah Junsu because of the latter’s charms. As I said when I started making this ranking, two of my assumptions were that charms will be treated as a talent and that they’ll be going solo at this moment. And at this moment in time, there’s little probability that he will outshines G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Xiah Junsu. Maybe later in his life but right now. I don’t see it happening.

I already have number three in mind, but the first and second is still a seesaw battle. Since my 100th day project was such a success, Maybe I should think of a new one for my one year anniversary. I don’t know if this blog will survive that long but let’s see. I’ll leave you with Park Jaebeom’s rendition of a Michael Jackson hit. Enjoy!




  1. ugh!4th? i still think he’s the second.. miss my jay baby..:(

  2. luv luv luv Jaebeom
    I hope he can come back n be even bigger
    I miss him so bad

    n what u’ve written is so true
    btw I really enjoy reading yr blog

  3. lol I like it on him better than michael

  4. he is the one that attract me want to dance again. i don’t know why but he has bring me back to my reality world. if not maybe just right now i’m still a quiet girl.thanks to jay becoz i finally found who i am andi will dance. hope can see him someday.sharing like this was so good. thanks to you and dance non-stop until you can’t feel your feet. bye….cawwww!!!!

  5. i love the pics hes soooo hot my friends and i love him

  6. Tae yang still ma no1. Anyway, congrats Park oppa…..

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