Finally some testerones in Korea

October 18, 2009

Two male groups have debut this week. Rain’s protege MBLAQ officially entered the business by M Countdown last Thursday while B2sT/BEAST debut in Music Bank last Friday. I didn’t post anything until today because I want to compare them in a similar stage. As we all know, M Countdown doesn’t really have the equipment and quality that Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo offers.

Here are the debut performances of the two new male groups.



MBLAQ seems to have an advantage. I mean aside for that fact that they look like mini-mes of Rain, tall and thin and all, I think they’re more polish than B2ST/BEAST. I don’t like the song though. Maybe if they’ll be given better material, they will soar higher. I only know 2 of them. Sandara’s little brother and the shredded top guy, Lee Joon. In fairness to Sandara’s bro his rapping is smoother than I thought,

With B2ST/BEAST however, it was not what I expected. It felt lacking somehow. I don’t know. Maybe because I’m comparing the two. The choreography of B2ST/BEAST isn’t as sharp as MBLAQ. They do have a better song than the latter but it felt amateurish. Maybe in time there would be an improvement.


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