Are SNSD, SS501 and Big Bang fans delusional?

October 21, 2009

Recently, Brown Eyed Girls and G-Dragon won in the Cyworld Digital Music Award for the song of the month in August and September respectively. I honestly don’t know how prestigious this award is but I want to think that it is so because Kpop artists actually give time to this award-giving body and they do perform live. Well the performances that I’ve seen were live.

Anyway, I decided to write this article because someone e-mailed me a question regarding the song of the month of Cyworld. The said netizen was trying to make an outline or at least a list of Cyworld song of the month winners. Like everybody else our first information, we should not be because of it’s lack of credibility, would be wikipedia.

Here are the winners that I gathered. It’s a bit lacking because I couldn’t find the rest. Do comment if you know any winners plus state your source.

#39 2009 September – G-Dragon (Heartbreaker)
#38 2009 August – Brown Eyed Girls (Abracadabra)
#37 2009 July – 2NE1 (I Don’t Care)
#36 2009 June – Outsider (Alone)
#35 2009 May – 2NE1 (Fire)
#34 2009 April – Big Bang & 2NE1 (Lollipop)
#33 2009 March –
#32 2009 February – SS501 (Because I am Stupid) / SNSD (Gee)
#31 2009 January – SNSD (Gee)
#30 2008 December –
#29 2008 November – Big Bang (Sunset Glow)
#28 2008 October – Wonder Girls (Nobody)
#27 2008 September – Wonder Girls (Nobody)
#26 2008 August –
#25 2008 July –
#24 2008 June – Wonder Girls (So Hot)
#23 2008 May
#22 2008 April
#21 2008 March
#20 2008 February
#19 2008 January
#18 2007 December – Big Bang (Last Farewell)
#17 2007 November
#16 2007 October – Wonder Girls (Tell Me)
#15 2007 September – Big Bang (Lies)
#14 2007 August – Big Bang (Lies) / SNSD (Into The New World)
#13 2007 July
#12 2007 June
#11 2007 May
#10 2007 April
#09 2007 March
#08 2007 February
#07 2007 January
#06 2006 December
#05 2006 November
#04 2006 October
#03 2006 September
#02 2006 August
#01 2006 July – Brown Eyed Girls (Hold the Line)

As you can see, SNSD and SS501 both claim that they were song of the month last February of this year. Also, SNSD and Big Bang also claim that they were the song of the month winner last August of 2007. I don’t know what to believe so I tried searching vids in youtube regarding the Cyworld Award in those months. And finally I found a vid that says that SS501 is the song of a month winner for the month of February this year. Here’s the vid.

It’s says in the vid that they won the 32nd Cyworld Song of the Month Award. It never said that they won the month of February but if you count back 32nd month is February. According to sources, 39th month is September.

With regards to Big Bang and SNSD both claiming the August of 2007 as their month, I can’t find any solid evidences to support or a abolish their claims. As you can see in the list above, there are already 39 Cyworld Monthly Awards but it seems that awardees per month aren’t well recorded. I would really like it if an SNSD or Big Bang fan will comment on this just to make it clear who really won. Fans are publicizing false achievements which isn’t really that nice.

But what we know right now is that SNSD did not win the song of the month last February 2009. We should give credits when credit is due. SS501 did work hard.





  1. I think Big Bang was the winner of the August 2007 Song of the Month. Lies was quite the hit in 2007. Into the New World was ok. I never really felt it that much. Tell Me and Lies were everywhere at the time.

  2. I think Big Bang won that. I remember a news story before that SNSD’s first win ever was with Kissing You. So I assume that they never won anything with “Into the New World” and “Girl’s Generation”.

  3. Typical SNSD fans. Will do anything just to make the girls look good. Even lie to people. Are they that delusional that they’ll think that Into the New World can outpass Lie?

  4. I checked wikipedia and it does say that. Maybe SNSD won the rookie of the month and not the song of the month. Lies was released early August so I think it is Lies that won the song of the month.

    And at that time, SNSD just debut. If they did won the song of the month when they just debut, I think fans would have paraded that to the other girl groups.

    Should we change it in wikipedia already? I know everyone has access to change th information in wikipedia.

  5. so technically, SNSD just won one cyworld song of the month but their fans are saying that they won three? that is a bit delusional.

  6. Just to help you fill in a spot, Taeyeon’s solo OST “If” won for the month of February 2008.
    Now about SS501 winning for Feb. 2009, I think is true cause in the list of awards SNSD has won on Soshified, it only lists the Jan. award. No Feb. cyworld award.
    And I would just like to correct the post up there that Kissing you was not the first song that they had won an award for. They actually won their first award for Into the new world on Mnet.

    • Also, I just wanted to add that on Soshified, on the list of awards SNSD has won, it says that they won for song of the month for August 2007. Now I’m not sure about Big bang cause I don’t really follow them. Also about SNSD winning for Feb. 2009, maybe you got it mixed up with Feb. 2008 when Taeyeon won for her OST.

      • I was just saying what it says in wikipedia.

        14th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards
        M.net Golden Disk Awards
        M.net Golden Disk Awards
        Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (August)
        Best New Female Group at the 14th Annual Korean Performing Arts Ceremony

        17th Seoul Gayo Awards
        17th Seoul Gayo Awards
        M.net 20’s Choice: Hot Sweet Music Award
        15th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards

        Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (January)
        Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (Febuary)
        Incheon Culture Day Ceremony

      • Well, I’m pretty sure someone messed the info up on Wiki then because SNSD didn’t win on Feb. 2009. But Taeyeon did win for the month of Feb. 2008.
        Also, just wanted to add that from reading the comments, I’m guessing not too many SNSD fans here eh? Well, at least get your facts straight before you go around blaming fans about info which still has no concrete proof that either group won for the month of August 2007.

      • Huh? I’m sorry but are you angry at me? If you read my article again, it was unbias. I wrote that SNSD, SS501 and Big Bang swards won overlap. I assume it’s the work of fans because company’s publicists don’t actually put much time on wikipedia. Wikipedia from what I’ve heard can be edited by anybody.

      • I think SNSD fans do visit it’s just that maybe they don’t know enough to defend them. A lot of the comments here are a bit harsh but netizen will be netizens. I apologize if you got hurt being a fan of them and all. I don’t delete comments. I encourage people to actually express their opinion as long as they won’t use unnecessary language.

        Also, can you post an article on Taeyeon’s win. I do want to complete the entire list.

      • Here’s a link to an article about taeyeon winning.
        Also, I found a clip of SNSD winning rookie of the month for August 2007 so I’m guessing Big Bang did win song of the month. Here’s the clip.

      • Thank you!

    • Sorry about that. I just remembered this news that the girls cried when they won because it was their first and in that day they were in an accident. Maybe it was their first in the said show.

      • Yeah, that was their first win for “Kissing you” on Inkigayo but they cried probably because they almost didn’t make it there because of the car accident that day. But SNSD has won awards before “Kissing you”.

  7. I don’t think SNSD won the August 2007 song of the month award. As far as I can recall, they just debut at that time and Into the New World is not really that great of a song.

    Maybe it was rookie of the month and not song of the month that they won. I just can’t see Lies being beat by Into the New World. The two song basically came out at the same time.

  8. Well, fans are claiming false achievements. What’s funny is that I’m not even surprise. These are SNSD fans.

    I also think that SNSD did not win the August 2007. Maybe it really is just rookie of the month and their fans just want to believe that it’s song of the month. Pathetic really.

  9. Shocked Fan, don’t be so surprise. SNSD fans will go to lengths just to make people believe SNSD are the cream of the crop.

    When SNSD lip-synchs, fans say, they must be tired. They even attack WG for their singing when in fact SNSD are more of an amateur because they lip-synchs a lot.

  10. I think the August 2007 is just for rookie of the month.

  11. DBSK doesn’t have one?

  12. What? No Suju? COme to think of it, I havent heard anything about them winning the award but then again, I just started to be a fan.

    I think on SNSD, August 2007 is just rookie of the month. It’s too early for them to win an award like that when they just debut.

  13. I think Big Bang won the August 2007. It’s so unlikely that a rookie would get the song of the month award at the same month that they debut.

    Since it’s wikipedia, anybody can change it right? Let’s fix it before anymore fans believe that it is true.

  14. Your kidding me, Into the New World beating Lies? SNSD can’t even beat the Wonder Girls. How can anybody think that SNSD can beat Big Bang at anything?

  15. @ssyy24 Since you’re a fan, why don’t you post this matter in a SNSD fan site that you belong. T googled “SNSD song of the month August” and I was surprised with the hits. Crunchyroll soompi and many more snsd fan blogs states that SNSD won song of the month for August 2007. That’s spreading false information. It’s like taking away the glory that should have been to Big Bang.

  16. @ssyy24 I was introduced to Kpop a little over a year ago and I have always thought that SNSD did win song of the the month in August of 2007. Seriously, I was amaze because they were just introduced to the public and then they won such a huge award. I never doubted it before because they were from SM. And from what I heard, SM really have a strong attachment to Korean people. But now, thinking about it, it doesn’t make sense that they won such an award.

    This is clearly works of delusional fans. And I the damage is already spread too far. When I googled SNSD song of the month cyworld, a lot of well, established sites have posted this as well. Right now, Shocked Fan and you yourself are not sure who really won between Big Bang and SNSD in the month of 2007 but if you think about it, does Into the New World had a chance it beating Lies at that time? Actually even now Into the New World cannot beat Lies in any competition. I’m not saying that SNSD sucks or anything like that. I’m not a fan or antifan of SNSD. I’m just saying that this is false image building.

    Even if we change the information in wikipedia, it won’t change the belief of fans that SNSD did won such an honor.

    ssyy24, if you are truly a fan. Bring this up to your fan sites. It may not be a big deal to some but this does spell works of delusional fans.

  17. Try searching it. It’s in every SNSD blog. Think about it. Can a rookie really win in the month that they debut? Well, 2NE1 did that but they were different. Months before, people already fell in love with Lollipop and it carried through their next song.

    No offense, Into the New World is not that even good of a song. Not the best that SNSD has released. And it competed against won of the greatest song released in 2007. Do the logic.

  18. Fans are so pathetic. If I didn’t read this I would have thought about it. I have heard that SNSD won the song of the month with ITNW but I never thought about this. It does seems strange that that SNSD won the award with heavy competition with Lies. Even now people are still singing Lies. How bout ITNW? Just shows that SNSD fans are one of the most delusional Kpop fans out there. I’m starting to wonder if their 200,000 fan members are true or just another figment of their imagination. So pathetic.

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