The Most Talented Korean Idol

October 26, 2009

I know a lot of you are waiting for this and I apologize. Life has been really tough on me lately. Before I crown the most talented Korean Idol, let’s first do an analysis of the remaining two idols and have a recap of the list.

For new readers of this blog, I’ve created the list for the 10 Most Talented Korean Idol as a 100th day project of my blog. I took every member of existing idol groups and eliminate idols one after the other until there were only 10 left. My criteria for elimination is their singing ability, dancing skills and overall charms. Also, I had 2 assumptions when I was go over the list. One, charms will be treated with equal weight with singing and dancing abilities. And they’re solo project starts this very instant.

A little recap of the list.
10 Lee Junho
09 U-Know Yunho
08 TOP
07 Min Sunye
06 CL
05 Hero Jaejoong
04 Park Jaebeom
03 Taeyang

Our remaining contenders are G-Dragon of Big Bang and Xiah Junsu of DBSK. This is a close fight all the way. You can’t imagine how much I’ve change my decision. I’ll explain it as I go on. I suggest you completely read the article and not browse at the bottom of the page so you’ll completely see how I got my conclusion.

Both idols are the two most gifted in the business right now. But both with different appeal and skills. They seem to be the complete opposite of each other. Xiah Junsu’s strength is in ballads while G-Dragon is in rap. Personality-wise, they also differ so much. Xiah Junsu is fun and animated while G-Dragon is conserve and quiet. The only time G-Dragon let loose is when he’s with Taeyang and Seung-ri. Well, judging from what I’ve seen. Before anything else, here are some performance of our remaining to idols.

Xiah Junsu


So let’s run it down. First vocal abilities. This is actually hard to compare since G-Dragon raps and Xiah Junsu does ballads.

I was first introduced to Big Bang when I saw their Tell Me Lie stage collaboration with the Wonder Girls. I never heard about them till then but I found myself a fan after watching the said collaboration. Lies is such an extremely addicting song. It wasn’t until “Last Farewell” that I appreciated G-Dragon more. I remember that line, “Big Bang is back, most definitely incredible”. I don’t know if it made an impact to other people but to me it did. It was the first time I noticed how fluid his rapping is. Almost like singing.

G-Dragon has got to be the most fluid rapper right now. Fluid in a sense that I don’t get tired listening to him. I don’t know about you guys but there would be instances that I would wish that a rap part would end quickly. Like Miryo’s part in “How Come?”, Yunho in “Mirotic”, and TOP in “Always” to name a few. But G-Dragon never made me think that way. He seems like singing when he’s rapping because of how fluid it is. It’s just perfect the way it is.

With Xiah Junsu, I think everyone will agree that he is the best balladeer. Sorry Lee Seung Gi. If you’re following my post, you’ll know that I just recently became a fan of DBSK. I forced myself to watch their performances because of this 100th day project of mine and I didn’t regret that I did listen to them. The first time I ever heard DBSK sang was “You’re My Melody” in their Chocolate performance and the first time I noticed Xiah was when he hit that high note coming from a low note. I’m not a singer but I do know that’s hard to do. After watching them perform “You’re My Melody”, I searched more of their vids and I stumbled on his piano battle with Taeyang. I honestly feel that Taeyang won that battle just because he spoke English better. I barely understood Xiah’s singing. But that performance was somewhat the turning point of my appreciation to him. He really hits those high notes with accuracy and he’s one of those singers that can actually gives out emotions.

Next let’s go with dancing. No offense to their fans but I think the dancing abilities of both are mediocre. I don’t know if I’m using the proper term but it was just ok if you compare them with other dancers in the business. Nothing really much to say because both are just ok in dancing.

Now here’s the tricky part, the charms. I’ll divide it to looks and personality. G-Dragon definitely have the edge in this department, thought the guy’s choice of wardrobe is a little suspicious. No offense again to DBSK fans, I never really saw Xiah Junsu as someone who can kill with his looks.

I’m not saying he’s ugly he’s just not as idol pretty as the rest of them. But he does make it up with his personality. Both GD and Xiah have guested in Family Outing. In both of their episodes, there was another guest that they had to share the spotlight with. From what I’ve seen Xiah is more interesting. Again, I apologize to fans but GD is a little boring.

I’m not just judging it with their FO guesting but with other variety shows as well. G-Dragon is not that entertaining if he’s not performing. It’s added incentive if you can get people to be interested in you. 2pm is the prime example of this. JYP’s proteges’ songs are not really that good but people put a lot of interest to them because they like the members. And I really think that GD needs more of this.

So here’s my verdict, the Most Talented Korean Idol would have to be Xiah Junsu of DBSK. I know a lot of you would be surprise with this because of the recent success of G-Dragon but looking long term, GD is in the disadvantage. He can really rap but his singing is not really on top of them. What will happen once he ages? Right now, if both debuts as a solo artist, both will experience so much success. But things would be different 10 years from now. Rap is really just for young people. I’m a Big Bang fan but I don’t know if I’ll still be cheering him on if he does what he is doing now a decade later. Basically, G-Dragon lost the title because Xiah has more charms and the latter’s genre will help him more long term.

There you have it. The Ten Most Talented Korean Idol. I know most of you would agree with my list. To those who don’t, I really can’t do anything about it. I’m happy with the list and I’m happy with my project. Thank you all for making my 100th day project truly meaningful. Next up, 1 year anniversary project. Let’s see if this blog will make it that long.



  1. Hi,I am a huge fan of DBSK especially Xiah Junsu. I am really happy you took notice of his singing and vocal abilities. Hehe, I have been his fan for 2 years now. Love him very much.

    I am a fan of Big Bang too.

    Anyway, I noticed that you watched Family Outing for both Big Bang and DBSK. They were great!

    I don’t know if you have watched Come to Play, but its even fun to watch with all the questions asked. Junsu oppa was funny over there.

    Here is the link….

    Big Bang participated in it too….

    Just wanted to share….^^

  2. I don’t think either G-dragon or xiah junsu are medicore dancers. i guess you haven’t been dbsk fans for a long time but seriously xiah junsu is one of the best dancers i have seen. he has flexibility as well power in his dancing. you should watch some videos where he is dancing without yunho or he is having a dance battle. he is amazing. same with g-dragon. he is awesum dancer too. both are not medicore dancer. by calling them medicore you are saying they are not the good. i am sorry i agree with all your idol choices but i don’t like the you you describe them. you forot to mention that xiah junsu is all rounder. also g-dragon could be consider all rounder but i thibk taeyang wins him. to tell the truth xiah junsu is not really considered an idol anyway because his singing is beyond idols. he is praised by many for instance A representative in the music industry says, “TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu has the level of vocal skill as that of the most accomplished veteran singers. “Listening to Xiah Junsu’s songs and live performances, I really can’t find any imperfection. Even though there is always someone like this in a group, but in this generation of idol singing groups, he is the best.” Music critic, Jeong Bing Gi. there are many more but i don’t want to get into the details. all i can say is i agree with kangta says tvxqs junsu is someone in korean music industry that noone can compete with. as for g-dragon you didn’t talk about his amazing composing skills. god the guy has talents in composing. thats one of his charming point. with the looks department i think xiah junsu way good looking than many of the idols out there. same for g-dragon too. i am glad they came first and second. but you really should check their dancing properly. both dance really good.

    • Maybe I chose the wrong words. I think both can dance but I don’t think that they’re that great of a dancer. I’m sorry if this would rub you the wrong way. An artist’s capabilities is best seen through the eyes of a non fan. Non-fans have no biases. I’m a fan of both but I’m no Cassie or VIP. Well, maybe a little of VIP but writing this article I try to stay true to what the article is all about.

      Writing this article, I try to vision again their performances. And to tell you honestly, I don’t remember being amazed by their dancing. What really hits me the most are their vocals.

      Also, I didn’t have to be into too much details on what they can do. That would be too long. No one will read that. Just a summary of their abilities will do. I’m writing this not for VIPs and Cassies but to for Kpop enthusiasts. G-Dragon is yes a composer but so what? I mean when he’s performing on stage, it’s not really something that you would think of.

    • “no one can compete wth junsu”

      uhm now g dragon can

      rapping-g dragon

      so all in all they have 3 categories wherein they’re leading and 1 category where they are tied so if the categories are close no one can say that junsu is untouchable

  3. yay i agree with the winner. love xiah junsu

    p.s i agree with the comments too lol

  4. from a pov of a non fan, i agree with your number 1 pick. i may not like dbsk, but Junsu is the only one i can tolerate. so much respect for that guy, so talented.

    as for G dragon, i dont know, am not really a fan nor impressed with his performance. with Tae Yang, yes.

  5. Okay guys. I think comparing both successful artists with their abilities is wrong for me. Besides of they have different genres, we don’t have enough eyes to proof that there is someone better between them except for they are dancing different kind of music but also because they are produced by a different culture. For example YG Entertainment is all known as a company consisting hip-hop artists and SM entertainment for pop. So there is a proper reason that they dance and show a different talent. Although all people have talents, they just don’t enhance it enough to make it to the top but I know they can still improve what they have and all I know that within them, are IDOLS by heart. I’m sorry for disagreeing to the comments and posts, it’s just like, when you compare two different idols, of course there would be someone who’ll gonna end up happy and some are sad by reading every single comment here. It’s because, once you’re a fan of Big Bang or DBSK, when your idol was being criticized, there is no doubt that many of their fans will get HURT by those. I like them both and they are well appreciated by me also^^ That’s it. thanks for reading..

  6. When Gd gets old he could be a producer/composer or even establish a company like yg

  7. Yunho
    G Dragon

    No specific order.
    IMO no hates please ^^

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