2pm is back, most definitely but not incredible

November 5, 2009

I used G-Dragon’s part in Big Bang’s Last Farewell for the title of this article. Catchy ain’t it? For the past week, JYP has unveiled 2pm’s new songs as well as the new image. The “Time for Change” album showed a masculine 2pm but in the recent album covers of the new song, a mature 2pm can be seen.

“Tired of Waiting” was the first song to be released and then followed by “I was Crazy About You” just few hours ago. I went to 2pm’s site, 2pm.jype.com for those who don’t know, and I notice something. The heartbeat that was so noticeable in the early week had stopped. Maybe it’s my computer but from what I see, there’s no more beating. And the new song’s cover shows 6 members. So I’m assuming that the company is saying to fans to stop the boycott and accept what 2pm has become.

Here’s the full song of “Tired of Waiting”

Listening to the songs, I have come to love it. Especially the new one. And it would be such a shame if the album won’t do well because of the boycott. Jaebeom might come back someday but it seems to me that it won’t be anytime soon. I actually applaud JYPE that they are finally moving on.

The Jaebeom incident is very fragile and one false move might make the situation worse. The best move really is for Jaebeom to stay away. Give Jaebeom time to heal and for fans to learn to accept the new 2pm. Though they seem so awkward and less stunning, 2pm is still 2pm.

I’m waiting for the full version of “I Was Crazy About You”. I think it would be great. I also can’t wait about the details of their comeback. What I know right now is that they will officially comeback in Music Bank at the 13th of November and will perform as a 7 member group on the MAMA awards.



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