A WG and an SNSD fan rivalry

November 5, 2009

An SNSD fan and a WG fan have been going at it in a youtube video. They kept on debating on the vid’s comment box for hours until a few days later the WG fan wrote this. The WG fan’s message seems to really dwell in the core of the argument so I thought the WG fan won the debate too. To SNSD fan, please comment. I’m not a soshi fan so I really don’t know how to defend them to the frank statement of the WG fan. Here’s the complete message.

To Jennifer,

I was surprised when I found out that I used up 3 hours defending the WG to you a few days ago. That’s three hours of my life that I’ll never get back. I cannot keep doing this with you, I do have a life. So here’s my final post of defend.

I didn’t read your reply to my personal message to you and your comment in the said video when I wrote this. I know I’ll just be mad with you continuous bashing of the WG. I wrote this with a clear head and pure thought. Please keep an open mind while reading this message. I have no anger at SNSD when I was writing this. I just said it as it is. I’ll be posting this also on the comment page of the video.

I do believe that WG are better than SNSD because of these following reasons:

1.) The have more awards – awards are recognition of a persons efforts as well as the quality of the songs they sing. There are also some awards that recognize an artists popularity. Here are the awards that WG have won so far. The source of this list is wikipedia. I double check each award and all of them have corresponding articles that responds to the authenticity of the said award. The articles doesn’t just state the wikipedia entry. You can double check it yourself if you want.


* Cyworld Digital Music Awards (February): Rookie of the Month
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month (“Tell Me”)
* 2007 National Assembly of South Korea Pop Culture & Media Awards: Pop Music Award
* Korean Music Arts Festival: Female Photogenic Award
* 2007 Golden Disk Awards: Digital Music Bonsang
* 2007 Golden Disk Awards: Popularity Award


* 17th Seoul Music Awards: Rookie of the Year
* 2008 Nick Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Female Singer
* 20th Korean Producers & Directors Awards: Best Singer Award
* 5th Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Song Award
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards (June): Song of the Month (“So Hot”)
* MNet 20s Choice: Hot Schoolgirl (Sohee)
* MNet 20s Choice: Hot Club Music (“So Hot”)
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards (September): Song of the Month (“Nobody”)
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards (October): Song of the Month (“Nobody”)
* 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Female Group Award
* 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Best Music Video Award (“Nobody”)
* 2008 Mnet KM Music Festival: Song of the Year (“Nobody”)
* 9th Korea Visual Arts Festival: Most Photogenic Singer Award
* 25th Korea Best Dresser Awards: Best Dresser Award for Singer Category
* 23rd Golden Disk Awards: Digital Bonsang (“Nobody”)
* 2008 Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Style Icon of the Year


* 2009 Asia Model Festival Awards: Asia Star Award
* 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Daesang Award (“Nobody”)
* 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award (“Nobody”)
* 18th High1 Seoul Music Awards: Digital Music Award (“Nobody”)
* 6th Annual Korean Music Awards: Group of the Year

Some of the awards above like Nick Korea Kids Choice awards are popularity votes where WG have beaten SNSD. Again, popularity votes were they have beaten SNSD. Also, it’s almost the end of the year and SNSD has yet to even come close to what WG have received the same time last year. WG released two songs last year, “So Hot” and “Nobody” while SNSD also released two songs this year, “Gee” and “Genie”. Remember, WG were up against Big Bang and DBSK. Two well establish pop groups.

2.) Popularity – WG is right now the most popular Korean girl group in the world. I think this you can’t contest since WG have debut in the US and they have more opportunities to be known. Remember, SNSD and WG debut almost the same time and yet WG is more known.

3.) Live performances – SNSD and WG both publicize themselves as singers. But SNSD have lip-sync so much, you’ll wonder if they really can sing. Unlike SONE, non SNSD fan won’t actually search online to see if these women can sing. They’ll judge it with what they’ll witness, their performances of their song.

As a non-SNSD fan. I was shocked to see how much they lip-sync in their “Gee” and “Genie” performances. And even more shock that they lip-sync their debut. It’s a bad way to start a singing career. Every singer lip-sync as you said but to lip sync almost half of the time their on stage, that’s a little disgraceful.

I might have exaggerated before with the 50% lip-sync performance but judging it with a clear head, I estimate their lip-sync performances to be in the range of 35%-45% of their entire performance on stage. I have given you the percentage in INTW. If you want to really see the percentage of their entire performance, send me a message. I’ll complete the list. But with the load that I have, I think I’ll be able to send it to you at least by Christmas time.

WG yes do have some crappy performances but not all off their performances are as crappy as you say they are. Also, a crappy live performance will always be better than a live one. Again, both SNSD and WG are marketed as singers.

4.) Better in synchronization – I don’t know why you keep on denying this fact. Maybe you haven’t been an SNSD fan that long. But at the height of the SNSD and WG rivalry, SNSD fans claims that WG have faulty vocals in comparison to SNSD while WG fans claims that WG are better on stage than SNSD. Ask other fan club members aside for WG and SNSD, this is a known fact. I don’t even know why you keep on denying this.

Nobody is hard because of the sharp movements. The choreography is design to let people notice the synchronization. If someone makes a mistake in the dance, it would be very noticeable. Try doing the dance with your friends. See if it’s really easy to sync it as you said it would be.

I’ll answer you’re arguments:
1.) SNSD have better vocals – Yes, Tiff and Taeyeon have two of the best vocals in the Korean music industry today but we are judging SNSD & WG as a group and not by individual members. Also, if SNSD is really as talented of a singer as you say they are, then why do they have to lipsync so much? What are they doing with the mics they are holding? Do you remember the Manchester incident? SNSD was so scrutinize by the Manchester people in the teams website.

2.) SNSD album sales – I would agree that SNSD are better than WG in terms of sales. But I would still keep my my belief that the 100k sales doesn’t mean 100k fans. Some really do buy more than one album. I’ll give Music Bank as an example. “Genie” sales went up to 100k album sales right? But why were they defeated by 2ne1?

2ne1 and Genie are almost the same in terms of sales, so that leaves the public vote. Album sales is one of the criteria in determining the winner in Music Bank but not the only one. Do you think 2ne1 fans being a rookie group have as much passionate fans as SNSD? If SNSD does really have that much fans buying the album then why didn’t that number translates to votes? I would agree however that SNSD are better in sales than the WG.

I do feel that I won the debate because of the statements I have given above. All that you really have given is the album sales which I really concede because SNSD did sold more. At this moment of time, WG are better. Maybe in the future your SNSD will surpass WG but right now, WG is better.

Also, this will be the last time that I’ll be talking to you about this debate. It’s just taking too much of my time. I do have a life.

If you are wondering what the list he is talking about, the WG fan compiled a list of SNSD performance to prove to the SNSD fan than SNSD lip-syncs almost half of the time. So far he compiled SNSD’s “Into the New World” performances and he have proven that SNSD lip-syncs 62% of the time they are performing INTW. I asked for a copy of the complete list. He said he might be able to complete it by Christmas of this year. I can’t wait.

The arguments that I wanna emphasize is:
1.) WG won more awards
2.) WG have more fans worldwide
3.) WG have a few really faulty performances
4.) SNSD have sold more albums
5.) SNSD lip-sync a lot

I think with this argument and the netizen’s message above, SNSD is in the disadvantage. I really wanna hear from SNSD fans. As I said I don’t know much about SNSD because I never really got interested in them.



  1. check this out
    >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtH_xDgrBOg
    >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2fxsOuVlsc&feature=related

    so much better than wg..
    my english not really good…
    but i can tell u..
    their style was different…
    n u know? snsd has fast dance and cuz 9 girls their blocking dance was far so, hard to sing well…
    wg just have 5 member.,, their blocking dance was close.. especially “nobody”
    u can try their both dance (with singing)..
    snsd more difficult thing than wg..

    but i like both..
    wg r good friends with snsd…
    so cute.. ^^

    no bushing please!!!

  2. I was going to post a reply to answer all those claims but you know what, it’s not worth it. People will have their opinions on who is the better girl group & nothing anyone says will change their minds. All I have to say is that SNSD has worked hard to have the HUGE fan base & popularity they have today and to try & belittle all that hard work & success they had by comparing them to another girl group’s success is really LOW. And I just want to say that SNSD fans that I know like “Wonder Generation” including me. And the SNSD fans who don’t like WG, even they don’t say anything bad about them. It’s just that on occasion, a fan of either group will try & stir things up between both FCs but why let a couple of people ruin the good relationship between both groups? Don’t let one or two crazy fans influence you into thinking that all fans of a certain FC is like that. Anyways, why is Kpop fandom getting so stressful these days?? People need to layoff the bashing and just support their artists >.<

  3. i was about to defend SNSD too..
    both groups worked really hard, lets say SNSD is better on this..WG is better on that..but either group dont deserve to be belittled or bashed, in any way..
    some of us are not open-minded..
    & gawd..you are absolutely right “ssyy24”..thanks..
    “why let a couple of people ruin the good relationship between both groups? Don’t let one or two crazy fans influence you into thinking that all fans of a certain FC is like that.”
    i was about to say that too..XD
    SNSD and WG are good friends in real life..
    why can’t the fans be friends too??
    i’m a WonderGeneration fan btw.. 🙂

  4. no needs to argue which one da best out of the best..in my eyes..snsd da best cuz i’m Sones..same thing like U..u ‘ll think WG is da best cuz ur Wonderful…
    Sometimes crazy fan like to ruin the image of their idol…in reality, both group are in good terms and friends..e.g: Sunmi Wg is fangirl of taeyeon…it just fans like to start the ‘WAR’ u know…

  5. SNSD lipsync all the times In 10 performance thet lipsyncs 5-6 performance
    Can I call them singer?

  6. Why we need to argue which one the best?

    i think, WG and SNSD are the best girl group for their fans…

    WG is work hard, practice and follow to dream … SNSD too.

    more than that both are good friend in real life.

  7. …I don’t like SNSD or Wonder Girls but I suddenly do feel the need to nuance something here…

    First of all, all those awards that are being talked about. You have to remember that WG and SNSD never started on equal footing. WG’s tell me was what Gee became for SNSD. As such there is no point in comparing those awards when they are obviously based upon popularity. Tell me came out just in time to make all the award shows. Plus it would usually be better to not pay attention to awards won since even we koreans, tend to be in disbelief alot of the times…

    the nobody dance does have some sharp movements but on the other hand, even if they don’t sing live all the time, the times I have heard SNSD crack up while dancing and singing are minimal. Don’t think dancing and singing Gee is easy either…or kissing you… This is because SM put more effort into producing SNSD as a vocal idol group (Don’t just look at Taeyeon,Sunny, jessica, tiffany and Seohyun have the voice as well, just not as good) and JYP put more focus on show with WG…Also WG’s faulty vocals I think, is a producer mistake. When you give them another song (such as on Mnet’s my favorite) they perform much better. It’s true that in essence their vocal abilities are less though…

    About the lip-synching by the way…I have friend who works at Inkigayo, the one of the three music shows most notorious for allowing lip-sync. Just as when suju debuted, they were not prepared he said. These days it’s more normal for idol groups to have a large number but back in the days, 5 members was the limit. As such a lot of the times the exact number of mikes were not available! It’s a problem that also presents itself at radios which is why radio shows usually don’t invite whole groups with large numbers but rather choose to invite some core members or the ones they can get. Although i don’t think this excuses recent lip-synching it does affect the entire argument.

    And in Korea, although because of recent developments, an idol group is not a singer (yet)! This is why idol groups don’t introduce themselves when they are together as “gasu” (=singer) but as “idol group”.

    Worldwide fans is also not something you can compare and therefore use in a comparative way. WG went international. If SM were to sent SNSD to the US we have no knowing of how their fanbase would expand.

    I feel that WG fan is biased, but tries very hard not to be. Since i like neither I hope my arguments come off alright.

    “Tiff and Taeyeon have two of the best vocals in the Korean music industry today” –> That kinda made me laugh actually…I don’t mean to bash but it just shows a knowledge of korean music a centered around idols…

  8. I’m not a fan of both group, I just randomly came across this post. I’ve been in to Koop since 2006 and I’ve seen both of these groups during live, debut and etc. In 2007, when they first debut,wonder girls sang live ye eun and sunye vocals impress me however Sunni and sohee gave me an impression that they were just a pretty and typical cute Korean girl celebrity. SNSD their debut on their first music show (I can’t remember which one of the music show) they lipsynch that make me skipped to the conclusion that theire vocals were not strong enough so that SM make them lipsynch. Then they have their second perve, that they didn’t lipsynch. They did even better than wonder girls since their dance moves were even harder than irony but they even sang better than wonder girls live performance but nevertheless they were nothing, nobody care about them after wonder girls release tell me. Everybody are doing their dance moves and kept singing te te te te te te tell me. Tell me to so hot to nobody, they make snsd look as of they never exist then…….BAM!!! Wonder Girls announced that they’re going to America. 2009 they left leaving SNSD, so ther’s their chance so then came Gee,this song make SNSD. They got everybody singing, dancing to it, talking about it. They won numerous awards,stayed number 1 for 9 weeks. Korea went crazy for them and whatever they release became a hit. Let me say something, I do favour SNSD more than wonder girls in talents but in songs and popularity I have to give it to Wonder GIrls but everybody have their own opinion and this is just my opinion.

  9. Wonder Girls are good in live performances, I don’t understand why people say otherwise. i’ve seen them performing live and they were very charismatic, their dance was in sync and they sung very well. It’s funny how antis like to generalize Wonder Girls just because Sohee doesn’t sing. Wonder Girls have 2 great singers (Ye Eun & SunYe – who have more powerful vocals than Tiffany and Taeyeon), 1 good singer (SunMi – very stable on live performances), 1 great rapper (Yoobin, one of the best female idol rappers in Korea) & 1 that can’t sing (Sohee). SNSD has 9 members and only 2 great singers (Tiffany & Taeyeon), the rest are so so singers and there are 3 members that can’t sing or rap (Yoona is one of them).
    I do think that Wonder Girls are better than SNSD because Wonder Girls were trendsetter and they made a great impact on kpop music. When Wonder Girls debuted girl-groups weren’t as popular like in SES & Fin.K.L days, but Wonder Girls were able to bring the girl-groups to be in spot-light again and it was the first time in a long time that a girl-group was fighting equally against boygroups and solo singers. Another thing is that Wonder Girls changed kpop because they started the trend of easy-to-follow dance and catchy & repetitive chorus & hook. Wonder Girls opened the doors for other girl-groups & started a new trend. Besides that, Wonder Girls were sucessful & got many awards even when they were competing against big stars and groups like DBSK, Big Bang, Rain, Seo Tai Ji, Lee Hyori and so on.
    SNSD never competed with big stars and big groups like Wonder Girls did. SNSD always release albuns and singles when there are only rookies and no big star releasing stuff, that’s how they were able to archieve sucess with ‘Gee’ (they pushed back the release of the mini album 3 times in order to not compete with other popular singers and groups. They released ‘Gee’ when only rookies and artists that doesn’t have strong fanbase were releasing stuff). Another thing is that SNSD only became sucessful when they followed Wonder Girls trend and released ‘Gee’ that is a song with the same concept of ‘Tell Me’.
    SNSD might be popular nowadays, but they still didn’t archieve the importance and hallyu star status as Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls is always one step ahead of SNSD because Wonder Girls create and star new trends while SNSD follows the trends created by the Wonder Girls.

    • beautifully stated

  10. when wondergirls was still active in korea they were so popular, I’ve only known snsd after wg left for their us debut.

  11. Gimme a break, what happened when Wondergirls come back to Korea with “2DT”?? It was a big flop! They couldn’t maintain the popularity they once had!
    conclusion: SNSD > WG

    • Haha. Really, they topped charts and you call that a flop? Remember WG and SNSD promoted the same time only once (Tell Me and Girls’ Generation). Guess who was more popular there. Stop ranting you stupid SONEs if you don’t want a fight because I’m gonna give you one.

      Just run and hide behind your plastic dolls. In the end of the day, WG have reached far greater accomplishment than SNSD has.

  12. that’s why they call them FAN = Fanatics And Nuisance

  13. I’m a Wonderful. And i enjoy to both groups.
    But the things that make me become distant from SNSD are because the fans, SONE and the path that SM leads their artists.

    SONE. I realised that some of them become ignorant and arrogant as SNSD started rising from Gee. While i hardly see any wonderfuls being so ignorant when WGs in top.

    The path that SM leads their artists.
    As now 2012, you can see how frequent SM artists keep ‘enjoying’ themselves in variety shows. There are too much frequent as they are not being a singer. No outcomes that i can see them as an artist. As WG’s Yenny now are composing her own song already. While i didn’t hear any news to SNSD as well.

    So, these are just my opinions. The relationship of Wonderful and Sone can getting well if only Sones behave themselves, i think.
    I admit that i feel jealous seeing SNSD are in top and beat WG in no time, but i can accept that with all my heart as life like a wheel. But Sone do you think what we think?

    Note that not every Sones are so ignorant. Somes are nice. But mostly i met are dissapointing me.

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