2pm’s new album is HOT

November 15, 2009

I just finished listening to 2pm’s new album. As I said before, I’ve been really really busy. It’s just now that I found time to listen to the entire album and what an album it is. There are some songs that Jaebeom still sings. Good thing that JYPE kept his voice or the fans will really go mad. Here’s the track list of the album.

01. My Heart
02. Heartbeat
03. 기다리다 지친다
04. 너에게 미쳤었다
05. Gimme the light
06. Back 2U
07. All night long
08. Heartbeat (Red light mix)
09. 10점 만점에 10점 (10/10)
10. Only you (Acoustic mix)
11. Again&again
12. 니가밉다 (Lounge mix)
13. 돌아올지도 몰라 (Bossa nova mix)

Though half of the album consists of their previous songs with some are remixes, the album really stands out. I mean try listening to the albums of SHINee, Super Junior and other boy groups out there, you won’t hear anything like the songs in this album. The album sounded more western than Korean music.

I’ll go over the songs that came to my liking. I’ll start with the remixes. I’m loving the Bossa nova remix of “You Might Come Back”. It felt jazz or something in the 60s. Well, it is bossa nova. I love songs that are easy on the ear and has a great melody and this song paradigms that.

“Only You” seems to be better sang in acoustic. I don’t know about you but it felt more fluid than the Christmas version and also with the original version. We know that the 2pm guys can really sing but this song really highlighted their vocal prowess.

Now with their new songs, “Tired of Waiting” was the first song from the album to be released to the public. The song is a success on the online charts partly because of the title. Emotions are really high when Park Jaebeom is involve. Though, autotunes is dominant on the song, the song is still fresh. As I said, this album of 2pm is far different from the other male idol groups.

“All Night Long” is being described as an ear orgasm song. I can understand Hangul but my vocabulary is very limited and when I found out what the lyrics meant, it’s really screaming sex. And again another fresh kind of song. I don’t even know if Korea has this kinda songs in their country. But aside for the lyrics, the song is really easy to listen to. The beat will really carry you. This is actually one of my favorites because it soothes you.

My favorite in the album would have to be “(I Was) Crazy Over You”. It has a pinch of of “All Night Long’s” sootheness and the intensity of “Heartbeat” and I am liking Taecyeon’s rap here. Again, not the typical Korean song. The verses of the song actually reminds me of an anime theme songs. Don’t know why but I just can’t put my fingers on it.

Finally, “Heartbeat”. When I first heard the song, it was just ok. I mean I would have like it if they used “(I Was) Crazy Over You” as their title track but JYP seemed to have his plans. I was really surprised when I saw their MV for the song and much more surprise with their comeback in Music Bank. It’s not that it sucks, it’s just different. And the pyramid at the end, it feels weird. But as I watched it again and again, I got used to it. The choreography at the end really screams 2pm. I can’t say that I’m addicted to it, but I think I might be getting there. I still do laugh at the pyramid thing.

To sum it up, this album is amazing. I really hope the boycott thing won’t succeed. It would be such a shame for an album this good to become a failure just because of an unforeseen incident. The songs are so fresh. I mean you won’t hear this kind of songs to any other idol. The album actually sounds more American than Korean. I hope they’ll do well.




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