WG’s “Nobody” still a chart competition

November 21, 2009

More than a year after it’s release, Wonder Girls’ “The Wonder Years – Trilogy” album is still making waves in Yesasia chart. The album is currently #5 in the 7 days chart and number #20 in the 30 days chart of the said site.

This seriously came as a shock to me. The album was released October of last year and yet the album is still doing this well. I’m thinking maybe the Filipino fans? I’ve been reading a lot lately on how Kpop is slowly dominating the country of the Philippines. Or maybe the American fans? Wonder Girls have been getting a lot of attention in the US. Anyway, congrats to the girls and also to JYP. “The Wonder Girls – Trilogy” is surely a successful album.


One comment

  1. hai..
    i’ve been reading your blog since months ago and i was so pleased to know that you’re a wonderful…and so am i..it’s actually a surprise for me to adore them because the last time i’ve been a fan of an idol group was at the time when spice girls and westlife were still existed…plus it’s my first experience to adore idols from asia region…
    It’s a really pleasant news to hear in the matter of fact that wonder girls trilogy album came out last year and it’s still doing so well until this year…thanks to share the good news : D
    i hope they will make a big influence in us, not just as an idol..but people will also recognize them as real artist..who loves their music and song…

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