B2ST/BEAST identity crisis?

November 22, 2009

B2ST or BEAST or whatever their name is, covered another boy group song, Big Bang’s “Lies, in the recently concluded Mnet Asian Music Awards. A few weeks ago they also did a cover of 2pm’s hit, “Again and Again”. No offense intended but they really should stop covering these songs.

MBLAQ did a cover of Rain’s song a couple of times but it’s understandable since Rain created them but what does BEAST have in connection with YG Entertainment aside for that one of the members of BEAST is a former trainee of the company and supposed to be in Big Bang? At the very beginning, BEAST is known to have two rejected members. Their debut was highly anticipated because of these members. They can’t keep parading themselves as the group with members who almost made it.

BEAST’s “Lies”

BEAST’s “Again and Again”

Whenever I think of 2pm, I see beast idol. Acrobatic choreography, popping, and things like that. When I think of Big Bang, I imagine RNB and rap. MBLAQ is Rain times five. 2am is a ballad group. SS501 is bubblegum pop. SHINee is known for their choreography. But what about BEAST? Everytime I think of the group I always see Big Bang and 2pm. And that’s the problem. BEAST mighty be popular now, but with this image of the public to them, I don’t see their popularity going beyond mediocrity.





  1. What does b2st performing lies and again and again have to do with anything? WTF? They are not parading themselves as “the group of members who almost made it”, they are working harder than most of those over-rated groups out there–I mean have you heard MBLAQ singing live? Their vocal skills are nothing compared to b2st and what’s the point of being a singer if you can’t even sing live?

    It seems kpop is all about the image these days rather than actual TALENT. What’s wrong with the fact that they don’t have a fixed style yet? Alot of groups and solo artists change their style with every album.

    You saying that b2st have an identity crisis is hypocrisry if you don’t notice that G-dragon from Big Bang seems to believe that he is the korean version of lady Gaga or that Tae-yang’s music style is becoming increasingly similar to Usher.

    Oh, and by the way, RnB and “the beastly image” aren’t copyrighted to 2pm and Big Bang. In that case, I could agree with some other people and say that Big Bang are trying too hard to copy American RnB artists such as Usher and Omarion, but I don’t hate on them because I know that musical styles aren’t owned by any particular group or person.

    Next time before you bash a group, I think you should be prepeared to see the faults in your own beloved idols aswell.

    • totally agree… Beast is the best..

  2. lol
    You should look now at B2st.
    They are now a top boy-band in korea.

  3. try to apreciate theathor people hardwok..i think you will never achivie anything when you always put other people below you….

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