[Chart] Music Bank 2009/11/20

November 23, 2009

It’s just now that I notice that “Heartbeat” wasn’t the song that was competing with “Love Like This”. It was “Tired of Waiting”. Kinda weird that a promotional song is beaten by a song in the same album. Anyway, I still really like “I Was Crazy About You” more than the rest of the songs in 2pm’s album. I hope they’ll promote it next. And hopefully this time, with Park Jaebeom.

“Love Like This” is honestly growing on me. It is kind of a bubblegum pop. Like a male version of SNSD’s songs. But I’m still not a fan of the group. Maybe in time. Anyway, here are the rest of the chart.

01 SS501 – Love Like This
02 2pm – Tired of Waiting
03 Park Bom – You And I
04 Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget
05 SHINee – Ring Ding Ding
06 Brown Eyed Girls – Sign
07 f(x) – Chu∼♡
08 K.Will – Miss Miss and Miss
09 SeeYa – His Voice
10 Seo In Kook – Calling You
11 Hwanhee – Because I Missed Your Heart
12 Leessang – The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave
13 Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain
14 2pm – Heartbeat
15 Kara – Mister
16 Shin Seung Hoon – 사랑치
17 Ivy – Goodbye Tears
18 Big Bang – Hallelujah
19 U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni
20 2pm – I Was Crazy About You

Here’s their performance in the said episode.





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