After School might make it with ‘Because of You’

November 29, 2009

After School recently made their comeback with one less member but with two new additions. Don’t know anything about Nana and Raina but from what I’ve seen, they seem to lack the vibrant and aura that the other members have. After School is created after all to be the Korean version of the Pussycat Dolls. But let’s see, maybe in the future we’ll see in them the maturity that After School is known for.

Going to the song, ‘Because of You’ doesn’t have that disco feel that ‘Ah’ and ‘Diva’ have but there is something there that you would want more of it. To be honest, this is the best that After School has released yet even after hearing it a few times. Their first two songs didn’t catch my fancy until months after it was released but with this new song, it got me quickly.

The choreography is quite different as well to the norm. But it’s also the reason why I like it. Only a few idol groups can actually make this kind of slow songs work, 2pm, Big Bang and the Wonder Girls to name a few. After School might be a contender in charts with this song and I hope they will. It’s such a nice song. But I could be wrong. Here’s AS’s comeback in Music Bank.

Though, the vocals are a little shaky, I’ll let it pass since this is their first stage performance with these new members. I hope they’ll improve in weeks to come. I am really loving the song and the choreography. Especially in the chorus part. Check it out!




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