Wonder Girls’ synchronization has done it again

December 13, 2009

I know by now every Kpop fanatic must have heard about the Wonder Girls dazzling performance in “So You Think You Can Dance?” As a fan I’m very proud of them. They may have re-established themselves as the number one female Korean pop group performance-wise. I just really don’t see any other group that can parallel Wonder Girls’ synchronization in those sharp movements and also their attention to details. Well, maybe After School can but they have to release more songs or perform more consistently.

A lot of people actually think that “Nobody” is an easy song to dance but I have to disagree. Some antifans were even stating that since Kara can do it, anyone can do it. For those who don’t know, Kara did a cover of “Nobody” in a Chuseok special. I would agree that Kara’s transitions were almost like the Wonder Girls’ but the sharp hand movements were so much lacking.

As you all know, I’m not that very fond of Kara and SNSD because of their songs. They’re just too feminine and cutesy-like (Fans don’t throw rocks at me. It’s just an opinion.) Honestly, I would gain so much respect on those two if they can actually be as sync as the Wonde Girls and not just do routines that would wow only the male audience.



  1. actually I thought they weren’t synchronized in SYTYCD. you probably didn’t notice but Sohee actually made a mistake @ around 0:58 =D its ok though..

    • Are you kidding me? No performance is perfect. But if you compare their stage presence, WG is at an advantage to other female group. And that’s just not the fan in me that’s talking.

    • Watch the vid again. The mistake you’rs saying is part of the routine. Nice effect really.

  2. That’s what I’m thinking!!!
    Wonder Girls is the best at synchronization, No doubt about that!! ^^
    Wait til the next song come out,I bet KPOP will be own by them (AGAIN & AGAIN) ^^
    I’m so excite for it even I don’t know when they’ll return.
    But when they do the improvement they from USA activities will nake them nail KPOP for sure ^^
    They improved so much in their vocal.
    Look at the China concert, Sunmi’s vocal is truely noticeable these days.
    Sunye is the most charismatic stage appearance I ever see in KPOP.
    Yeeun just pure gems.
    Yubin is too cool for words.
    And our Mandoo is improving day by day.
    I’m so proud of them.
    Once Wonderful,always a Wonderful!!!

  3. OMFG, I Love WONDER GIRLS so much. This one stupid-ass 2ne1 fan on youtube is so freaking annoying!!! She kept criticizing Wonder Girls and saying that So Hee sucks at singing. I swear, it’s because of stupid fans like these that made poor Jaebeom get out.

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