Another SM baby tries to break free

December 23, 2009

Super Junior’s foreign member has filed a lawsuit to null and void his contract to SM Entertainment. According to allkpop.com, the following gave Hankyung reasons to file the lawsuit:

1.) SM was dominant in the contract signing. It wasn’t a mutual decision.
2.) The contract ties Hankyung to SM for at least 13 years.
3.) Heavy financial punishment are put on the artist.
4.) Rights and responsibility division are unfair for Hankyung.
5.) The contract made Hankyung overwork.
6.) He was not given proper rights on his profits and products of his performance.

I think SM should really start reviewing their system. This will keep going on and on and on if their contract won’t actually make their artists happy. The public was on Junsu, Micky and Jaejoong side when they filed for release and I feel they will be again against SM this time around.

Remember HOT and Shinhwa. The same thing is happening or has happened to DBSK and Super Junior. I also remember an interview of Eugene of SES. She said that the three of them has decided to end immediately after their contract was terminated. Is it because they’re unhappy?

Right now, SM still has four artists that have still shown contentment on SM’s actions. SNSD, SHINee, f(x), and the newly formed Nadia. I think Sooyoung of SNSD and Jonghyun of SHINee have the potential to do what Hankyung did.




  1. why sooyoung and jonghyun?

    • Sooyoung because she showed signs of discontent before on the number of SNSD members. I forgot the show but she thought she would debut in a 3 member group. Also, out of all the members, she can stand on her own. Though Taeyeon and Hyoyeon can sing and dance better than her respectively, Sooyoung has this Lee Hyori charisma.

      Jonghyun. He’s the best singer in SHINee but he’s the least popular. And also, the one who seems courageous enough to stand his ground.

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