2pm to parody “You’re Beautiful”

December 28, 2009

I’m actually excited for this. After the Jaebeom thing, the 2pm guys have been noticeably absent in variety shows. Kinda miss then. 2pm did garnered majority of their fans through Idol Army. I’m for one.

Going to the show, I’m very much a fan of “You’re Beautiful” because it stood out from the rest of those romantic comedy genre series in terms of execution. The story itself is very much cliche but the writer’s approach to those cliches is the selling point of the series. For those who haven’t watch it, I highly recommend the series. If you’re gonna download the episodes, please download the high quality one. “You’re Beautiful” is music directed and you’ll appreciate it fully in a high quality vid.

Anyway, I don’t know who’s playing who in the parody but judging from the pics below, Jang Wooyoung would be playing the lead female while Junho will play Jeremy. I’m guessing this because Wooyoung is holding the pig-rabbit doll and Junho has a dog with him.

I can’t wait for this. Please stay tune for my updates.


One comment

  1. Hey,i love your website.^^, and i cnt wait for the end winner 2009.

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