[Chart] Music Bank 2009/12/25

December 28, 2009

The final episode of Music Bank for the year 2009 was aired last friday, Christmas Day. Instead of a weekly chart, Music Bank gave us the top 20 songs of the year. And I know all of you might know already that SNSD’s Gee top that 2009 chart.

The thing that bothers me though is the number of votes each song received. I assumed that votes for the song throughout the year will be added. But if you’ll go to the program’s site, SNSD, the top song of the year, just received over 7000+ votes. I remember G-Dragon and SNSD winning in an episode with votes in the 5 digit range. I can read Korean but as I said, my vocabulary is quite limited. I hope someone can shine a light to this.

Anyway, congrats to SNSD and their addicting song “Gee”.

01 SNSD – Gee
02 Super Junior – Sorry, Sorry
03 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
04 G-Dragon – Heartbreaker
05 Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
06 SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
07 SS501 – Because I’m Stupid
08 2pm – Again & Again
09 Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain
10 Son Dam Bi – On A Saturday Night
11 Kara – Mister
12 Davichi – 8282
13 Lee Seung Gi – Will You Marry Me
14 Bobby Kim – Love.. That Guy
15 SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
16 Baek Ji Young – Don’t Forget
17 SeeYa, Davichi & T-ara’s Ji Yeon – Women’s Generation
18 2NE1 – Fire
19 Lee Seung Chul – No One Else
20 SG Wannabe – I Love You

And here is SNSD’s comeback performance with “Gee” on Music Bank. Enjoy!





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  1. Yeah, I thought of the same way too that they would total up all the scores throughtout the year but it’d be better if they show the top 100… *last time SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker got 21,000+ points

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