2009 SBS Gayo Daejun’s Wrap Up Report

December 30, 2009

The first of the three Gayo Festival was aired last night. There were lots of entertaining and worthwhile performances. I won’t post vids of all of those performances because allkpop, K Bites and other Kpop sites have done it already. This article is merely to judge the performance. And maybe a little scrutiny here and there. Anyway, here’s the lineup of last night’s gayo festival as written by the good people in K Bites.

Part 1

Chapter 1: Change

– Hot issue
– Muzik (Remix)
– dance performance of ‘Hollaback Girl’
– Bo Peep Bo Peep
– Chu∼♡
MBLAQ VS BEAST dance battle

– Mystery
– Oh Yeah
MC interview with TaeYang, 2PM and Super Junior
Davichi and 2AM joint stage

– This Song,
– Friend’s Confession and 8282
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance
– f(x) and KARA performing ‘Ring Ding Dong’
CL with ‘Heartbreaker’
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance

– SNSD and f(x) performing ‘Sorry Sorry’
2009 Girls’ Hot Dance
– KARA, 4Minute and After School performing ‘Heartbeat’

Chapter 2: Romance
– 5 Step by Dru Hill
– Juliette remix
– Ring Ding Dong

Chapter 3: Surprise
– Fire in uniform
Park Bom
– You & I with TaeYang
CL and GDragon
– The Leaders
2NE1 + GDragon + TaeYang
– Let’s Go Party
2PM ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama parody

Chapter 4: Legend
Michael Jackson tribute:
– 2PM dancing ‘Thriller’
– Lee Seung Gi dancing to ‘Smooth Criminal’
– BEAST + MBLAQ dancing to ‘Dangerous’
– Super Junior dancing to ‘Billie Jean’
– All star dancing to ‘Beat it’

Chapter 5: Asian Soul
Park Jin Young
– No Love No More
– Don’t Leave Me

Part 2

So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2PM joint stage
Son DamBi

– Saturday Night remix ver
After School
– Because of You remix ver

Chapter 6: Surprise II
K Will

– For Your World
SHINee JongHyun
– Gone
2PM JunSu
– Bump and Grind
Kim TaeWoo
– I Love you and remember
K Will + SHINee JongHyun + 2PM JunSu + Kim TaeWoo joint stage

Chapter 7: Change II
Park ShinHye and Lee Seung Gi joint stage
– with Will You Marry Me remix performance
2PM, BEAST and 2AM
– Sign
Super Junior, SHINee and MBLAQ
– Muzik
– Mister
Super Junior and SHINee
– Gee
– Bo Peep Bo Peep
MC interview: So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1

Chapter 8: Dream Girls
– Honey
– Same Heart
Brown Eyed Girls
– Sign
– Again & Again
– Tired Of Waiting
– Heartbeat with special ending
– Heartbreaker
– Gossip Man
– Look Only At Me
– Wedding Dress
GDragon + TaeYang
– Lies Korean Dream
MC Interview: Goo Hara + Onew
So Nyeo Shi Dae

– Gee
– Genie
Super Junior
– Sorry Sorry
– It’s You
Super Junior + SNSD
– Sorry Sorry

Here are some of my reaction on last night’s show. It would only be a few. To start with, if you’ll notice the program flow above, you’ll see 2pm much more than any other artist. I mean they were everywhere from start to finish. I think they did the most stage performance out of all the artist that were present. SBS people must really be such a fan of the guys.

Sing “5 Step” by Dru Hill
2PM ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama parody
Michael Jackson tribute: – 2PM dancing ‘Thriller’
So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2PM joint stage
2PM JunSu – Bump and Grind
K Will + SHINee JongHyun + 2PM JunSu + Kim TaeWoo joint stage
2PM, BEAST and 2AM – Sign
2PM and BEAST – Mister
2PM – Bo Peep Bo Peep
2PM – Again & Again
2PM – Tired Of Waiting
Special Intro Vid of Heartbeat
2PM – Heartbeat with special ending

They were seen 13 times. 11 if you disregard the “You’re Beautiful Parody” and the special intro vid of Heartbeat. But it seems like putting 2pm in these many production number degraded the quality of some their performances. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the remix “Again and Again” and “Heartbeat”, though the ending was quite creepy. Junsu’s vocals were great in that collaboration with K.Will, Jonghyun, and Kim Tae Woo. The “Thriller” dance was the best among those Michael Jackson tributes. It was so clean. Their parody of the girl groups’ hits were hilarious. But I think their rendition of “5 Step” was a little bit disgraceful. Hottest please don’t be mad, I’m just saying it as it is. Yes, we should give them some slack because they did so much but if they can’t show quality performance for it, then they shouldn’t perform it at all. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Another thing I noticed or wished didn’t happened were SNSD’s performance of “Sorry, Sorry” and Super Junior’s rendition of “Gee”. It’s not that it’s bad but they’ve done it a million times already. No offense intended, but I was a little bored when they were performing. And if you listen to the crowd, they weren’t as amazed as they were the first time the groups cover each other’s songs. They should have at least done another song. SNSD never done “It’s You”. I don’t know. Is it just me?

Lastly, the first and the last performance. I was always told that you should always begin or end a performance with a bang. And I would really loved it if the SBS people would have thought the same way. I mean 4minute has nice songs but I don’t think they’re a polish enough group to open an event as big as a Gayo Festival. I get that the theme for the first performance would be the rookies but they should have gone with 2NE1 or at least T-ara. “Bo Peep” is the latest song that is getting everyone’s attention.

And then comes SNSD and Super Junior in the finale. SONEs and ELFs, please don’t be mad. This is just an opinion. It’s not that their performances were disgraceful or something, it’s just that, there wasn’t anything new or special. I mean SNSD just did “Gee” on their pajamas and danced to a slower version of “Genie”. Super Junior’s performance seemed repeated somehow. I think they’ve done it in a previous award show. I don’t know. Maybe it’s also because there were better performances in the middle of the show that’s why I felt that SNSD and Super Junior didn’t end the Gayo Festival properly. Well, it’s just an opinion.

Anyway, here are some of the performances that I highly recommend. I think a lot will agree with me when I say TaeYang gave out the best performance last night. And that’s saying a lot because I don’t actually know “Wedding Dress”. I never bothered to listen to it because I never liked “Where U At”.

I never actually thought that I’ll enjoy 2pm’s remix of Again & Again but I was so entertained with their nutcracker concept. I like the sudden snap on the routine.

The best cover of a girl groups’ song by male idols would have to be “Muzik”. The moment I heard Shindong sang the “Boom Boom” part in the beginning, it got me glued to my computer. Shindong’s obviously doing a Hyuna and surprisingly, it worked so well. He is such a character. Plus he had Key, the girl group routine fan, and MBLAQ’s version of Kim Heechul and Lee Hongki, Joon and Mir. Just watch it. You’ll know what I mean.

Junsu’s cover of Bump N’ Grind blew me away. Honestly, I have always thought of him as the guy who can sing but with an annoying voice. But this was amazing, though it only lasted for a minute.

Lastly, Jonghyun of SHINee’s acoustic performance of Juliette. This kid can really sing. I like the way he played with the notes. If only he can get the charisma of his fellow SHINee members, he can go solo right this moment.

To summarize, SBS really did a hell of a job this year. I don’t know if it was better than last year but it would be really hard for KBS and MBC to topped this Gayo Festival. I know KBS will find it hard, no offense intended. Just saw their lineup for tonight and it seemed like it will be a little beneath of what SBS offered. Well, let’s just see.





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  1. Yea, I’m a fan of 2PM but I agree there was a bit of an overdose. They appeared way too much throughout the show, and I cringed during 5steps as well. I wonder if there are any underpining reasons for this. After all, the actual Gayo Daejun lineup seems to differ quite a bit from the one they revealed prior to the show.

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