2009 KBS Gayo Daejun’s Wrap Up Report

December 31, 2009

KBS held their own Gayo Daejun last night. I wasn’t hoping much to it and I think I was right to do so. The Festival was kinda like a stretched episode of Music Bank. Anyway, I’ll go through it more as this article progress. Here’s the program lineup as written again by the good people in K Bites.

Part 1: Hope. Becoming the star
Announcement of nominees for ‘Top Popularity Song picked by viewers’
o 2NE1 ‘I don’t Care’
o 2PM ‘Again & Again’
o Davichi ‘8282′
o Baek Ji Young ‘Like being hit’
o SNSD ‘Gee’
o Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’
o KARA ‘Mister’

Lee Seung Gi
– ‘Thing Called Love’
– ‘Will you marry me’

– ‘Muzik’
– ‘Hot Issue’

Park Jin Young
– ‘No Love No More’

[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] SHINee – ‘Just Dance’
[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] KARA – ‘Son Of A Gun’
[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] So Nyeo Shi Dae – ‘Rhythm Nation’
[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] 2PM – ‘Boom Boom Pow’
[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] Super Junior – ‘What to do, encountering you’
[Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] All Star dancing to popular dances of 2009

– ‘8282′

MC Mong
– ‘Horror Show’

[Special Stage II – Legend & Idol] Lee Seung Chul & 2NE1
– ‘Love Is So Difficult’
– ‘I Don’t Care’
– ‘Don’t say goodbye’

LeeSsang and JungIn
– ‘A woman who can’t break up, A man who can’t leave’

LeeSsang + Jang GiHa and Faces
– ‘Cheap Coffee’ and ‘Let’s meet now’

So Nyeo Shi Dae
– ‘Gee’

Brown Eyed Girls
– ‘Abracadabra’

[Special Stage III – IRIS] Kim TaeWoo – ‘Dream A Dream’
[Special Stage III – IRIS] Baek Ji Young – ‘Don’t Forget’
[Special Stage III – IRIS] Shin SeungHoon – ‘Love of IRIS’

Part 2

[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] Nicole + Ryeowook – ‘Ben’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] 4Minute – ‘Billie Jean’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] 2PM – ‘Dangerous’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] So Nyeo Shi Dae + Brown Eyed Girls + Davichi – ‘I’ll Be There’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] SHINee + Kim TaeWoo + Kim GunMo – ‘Beat It’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] Super Junior + SNSD + SHINee- ‘Smooth Criminal’
[Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] AllStars- ‘Heal The World’

2Days1Night special stage

Son DamBi
– ‘Saturday Night’

Son DamBi + Park Jin Young
– ‘Elevator’
– ‘Crazy’

Baek Ji Young + TaecYeon
– ‘My Ear’s Candy’

– ‘Ring Ding Dong’

[Legend & Idol] Shin SeungHoon + 2PM
– ‘Wish It is so’
– ‘Like the feelings from the beginning’

K Will
– ‘Tears dropping’

Kim TaeWoo
– ‘Love Rain’

– ‘Fire’

[Legend & Idol] Kim GunMo + SNSD
– ‘Kiss’
– ‘Excuse’
– ‘Speed’
– ‘Unfortunate Meeting’

– ‘Mister’

– ‘Heartbeat’
– ‘I Hate You’
– ‘Tired Of Waiting’

Super Junior
– ‘Sorry Sorry’

– winning Song of the Year with [Again & Again]
– finale [Again & Again]

First of all, congratulations to 2pm for winning another prestigious award. They had some tough competition. It was based mostly on people’s votes and they were up against 3 established SM idol groups. As we all know, SM has the most passionate fans.

Now here’s my comment on last night. As I said, the whole Gayo Festival seemed like an episode in Music Bank. Why? It’s because of the stage, the atmosphere and the performance.

I actually think that a usual episode of Music Bank will be more thrilling. The hosts were so boring. Sorry, they really were. Also, is it me or is the stage the same ones in MB? And why is it so dark? If you look at the performances again, the back screen is the only source of color in the stage. And if you notice, there weren’t anything special in the performances. In comparison to SBS, the KBS really did seem like just another music show and not a Gayo Festival.

This is my first time watching Gayo Festival of KBS and honestly I think it will be the last. I watched the entire show and barely an hour to it, I was already bored. Last year, I just watched in youtube the performances noted in allkpop and K Bites. I can’t remember if I had any negative comment back then.

Another thing, what’s with the Legend and Idol thing? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but I think that contributed in dulling the program. I mean Gayo Festivals should be a celebration of songs that made a success in the year. Why bring songs and artists that basically were absent? Just my two cents.

I’m hoping MBC will bring the excitement that SBS brought. I just felt I lost 3 hours of my life last night. That’s time I can never get back.




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