2009 MBC Gayo Daejun’s Wrap Up Report

January 2, 2010

A few nights ago. Just before 2010 cam, MBC held their own Gay Festival. After what KBS had shown, anything would be better. The following were the performances as written by the people in K Bites.

2PM Nichkhun & Lee Bo Young
– Way Back Into Love Perf.
– “Mickey
– “U Rock”
– “Mister”
– Ring Ding Dong Remix
– Juliette
T-Ara & Supernova
– T.T.L Listen 2
– 8282
MC Mong
– Indian Boy
Kim TaeWoo feat. SeoHyeon
– Sarangbi
Park Hyunbin
– Daechan Insaeng
– Syabang Syabang
Tae JinAh
– Dongbanja
– Sarangeun Amunahana
– Superstar
– One More Time
– La ChA Ta Remix
MBC Gayo Daejun Skit 1#
After School + Son Dam Bi
– When I Grow Up (P.C.D Cover) Perf.
After School
– Because Of You & Ah Perf.
– Hot Issue
BEAST ft. 4minute
– Mystery Perf.
– muzik
SG Wannabe
– Sexy Back
– Crazy in Love Perf.
– Night Fever Perf.
Yoona + Ga-in + Uee
– Like a Virgin Perf.
Yuri + Hyuna + Gahee
– Womanizer Perf.
Lee SeungGi
– Will You Marry Me
Baek JiYoung &Lee SeungGi
– My Ear’s candy
BEG Flash Mob Dance
Brown Eyed Girls
– Abracadabra Perf.
– SIGN Perf.
– Again and Again Perf.
– Heartbeat perf.
2PM + JYP – Dance Battle Perf.
– Santa Baby Perf.
– Gee Perf.
– Tell me Your Wish (Genie) Perf.
Super Junior
– It’s You Perf.

The show was actually good but SBS just really did a hell of a job in their Gay Festival. Maybe it’s also on my part. I mean I kept on comparing SBS to MBC as the show went on. With all honesty, SBS should have been the year ender special. Nothing against MBC and KBS but you would really see who made the most effort in giving an outstanding show. SBS had the best stage, the best MCs, and the most varied performances.

Now, going to the show. I expected highly on the 2pm and SNSD special but I was a little disappointed. I don’t know. Last year, Wonder Girls and Big Bang did a great job and I was actually hoping that both SNSD and 2pm can give the same excitement. Maybe they’re tired or something. It seemed lackluster and the chemistry was a bit off in the pairing.

Also, MBC brought in people who didn’t made such an impact in 2009. I mean, Tae JinAh and Park Hyun Bin. I’m sorry, but did they release any songs this year? I write a weekly online chart article and I can’t remember writing their name.

I think the reason why it’s not as exciting as it should be is that there are fewer fans in the audience. In SBS, you can hear the cheer and wow. I’m not saying though that the show was an epic fail, my expectations weren’t just met. There were fantastic performance. Kim Tae Woo’s Love Rain was the best on that show. Well, for me it was. Kinda surprise because I never was a fan of the song. Also, After School and Dambi’s After School number did turn up the excitement level a notch.

Well, there you have it. That’s pretty much all that I want to say. Wait, one more thing. At the beginning of the show, they said that they will award an artist of the year but I’m not sure if they did. I was waiting for allkpop or K bites to publish the winner like what they did to 2pm in KBS. If anyone knows, please comment on this article. I do wanna know.

I hope next year will be better though. I hope it would be better. I’m wasting 9 hours of my vacation to watch those Gayo Festivals.



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