Dance Craze

January 8, 2010

I was thinking about the year that has been and it suddenly hit me. A lot of dance moves were brought to the public in 2009. I mean these became the main selling point of most of the songs that became a hit last year.

None much of these dance really happened in 2008. Well, you have Jewelry’s “baby one more time move”, and Wonder Girls’ “V Line” and “clap point point clap” gesture. But in 2009, dance routines were so abundant. Really weird because from what I have seen in youtube, songs released before have normal routines but now, they even have names for them. As far as I can remember, WG are the only ones who have catchy dance moves in all of their songs, Irony (the crazy point finger in the chorus), Tell Me (the point thing), So Hot (V-Line thing), and Nobody (clap point clap).

Because of this, I decided to list down those dance crazes that brought everyone to the dance floor.

On 5th place we have 2NE1’s “Fire” though not official, it got fans and celebrities doing the hand waving in the air thing everytime the eh-eh eh-eh-eh eh-eh part comes up. This became the trademark of the song.

The slow-motion punch in 2pm’s “Again and Again” is in 4th. This is really the song that skyrocketed 2pm’s popularity and half the credit really has to go to the routine. I actually felt some annoyance to the slow-motion punch thing at the beginning but the dance grew on me. It’s kinda fun when you’re doing it. It feels like kickboxing.

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” grabs my number 3 slot. The move isn’t really a dance but like the two mentioned above, the plea move is fun and it’s easy. That’s the two most important. It has to be fun and it has to be easy.

The Butt Dance of Kara has to be part of this list of mine. It’s actually funny that “Mister” did so much better than “Wanna” even though the latter was the song that was being promoted heavily. This actually paradigms what I have been saying. A great dance move can make a song to an epic and Kara became so much successful because of “Mister” and not of “Wanna”.

The best dance craze of 2009 is obviously from Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. The Saucy Hip move have been parodied the most this year. The Dirty Eyed Girls’ version was even viewed more than 200,000 times. That’s a lot for a Korean parody.



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