“Tik Tok” to 2pm

January 12, 2010

Though 2pm is finishing their 1:59 promotions this week, we won’t be missing them that much as they released another ear catching song. I said I won’t post on weekdays but I just have to post this. “Tik Tok” as said by the people in seoulbeats, will be use in the upcoming CF of 2pm’s Taecyeon and Nichkhun with singer turn actress Yoon Eun Hye. The song is quite far from what we know 2pm. Extremely far. The song is very subtle and soothing and it’s really really nice to the ear. Also Eun Hye’s voice actually jelled with the song and the guys’ voices. I don’t expect them to perform this on music shows. It’s not their style. Well, maybe they’ll surprise us.

CF song writers must really do love 2pm. They have the Corby phone, the paris cake and now this tik tok thing. Their Samsung Anycall Corby also experience some success on the online charts. I actually enjoyed all three. So far my favorite is the paris cake song. It’s on my playlist. But this new song is starting to get stuck to my head. Let’s just see how far this song will go. So far I’ve been hearing just positive comments.

I highly recommend the song. For those who haven’t heard it. Here’s a youtube post.




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