Shocked Fan’s “Download Links”

January 16, 2010

I created a new section in my blog. If you look on the right side of this page, you’ll see a download bulk. It’s the part of my blog where you can download everything released by the product’s company. 2pm’s “Samsung Anycall Corby” for example. Wallpaper, screensaver, etc. All that could be downloaded in the product’s official homepage.

I have always been very excited about these CF’s. I don’t think there’s anyone who can publicize a product as well as Koreans. I don’t know if you’ll appreciate as much as I do but I really applaud the effort. If you go to the Cass site, you’ll really get into the product. Plus, the songs are actually good.

Aside for 2pm’s Corby, I also have finished Wonder Girls, “Slim Panda”, “Ever Dance Battle”, and “Cafe Mori”. These are the only ones yet that I have since I’m familiar with them. I am after all a fan of both groups. Right now, I’m compiling the Cass product endorsed by Nichkhun, Taecyeon and Yoo Eun Hye. I’m looking for the CF of the other groups.


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