[Chart] Inkigayo 2010/01/17

January 17, 2010

T-ara won another Inkigayo mutizen earlier today. This is their third and last win for “Bo Peep Bo Peep” since you can only win three times in the said show. With T-ara maxing out their win and 2pm and SHINee saying their goodbye, it will be a wonder who will next week.

SHINee – Jojo
Younha – Today, I Broke Up
2pm – Tired of Waiting
T-ara – Bo Peep, Bo Peep
BEAST – Mystery
After School – Because of You
Eun Jiwon – Siren

Brian Joo’s “My Girl” and IU’s “Marshmallow” were drop from this week’s TAKE 7 from last week being remove by BEAST and 2pm. It’s actually a surprise that Gain and Kwon’s “We Fell in Love” is not part of Take 7. They have been on top of a lot of the online charts plus they have been a contender in Music Bank for weeks now. Inkigayo’s system really is a mystery.




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