Do I Smell a Lee Joon and Hyomin Scandal?

January 17, 2010

Ok, I just finished watching the 3rd episode of MBLAq’s Idol Army. I forced myself to because I’ve been reading a lot about the Joon-Hyomin scandal. Not still a fan of MBLAQ as hosts though. Other than Seungho and Joon, everyone seems a little forced. Or maybe they are really just like that. Anyway, the 3rd episode was like one of those date shows you see in MTV. Tara’s Jiyeon wasn’t present on the episode and that made the couples even. Seungho ended with Qri while Mir was coupled with Soyeon. Chundong was fated to be Eunjung’s date and GO became a couple with Boram. Lastly, Joon was accidentally chosen by Hyomin.

To those who have watched the episode, I think you would agree that there was something there with Joon and Hyomin. Or at least with Joon. The guy was acting strange the whole episode. Or maybe he is sick. Anyway, Joon and Hyomin really look so good together. It’s one of those people you hope would just end up. Like Ross and Rachel of “Friends”. It’s actually amazing that them being a couple wasn’t planned and yet they provided the most scandalous pairing so far this year. It’s like one of those movies that the guy meets the girl and everything falls into place

Going back to the show, Joon and Hyomin got to go to the most date-like of dates in the show. And that wasn’t pre-determined. It’s like fate pushing them together. While the members were going on rides and playing games in the amusement park, Joon and Hyomin were tasked to experience ice skating together. Looking at the pics, I would understand why fangirls and fanboys went wild.

I wanna see a continuation on this issue. Or maybe a closure. You have to admit that the entire scandal has bits of a fairytale story or a movie. Maybe MBLAQ should guest in “Invincible Youth”. They won’t be coupled with the girls but they will help the girls on their work. The interactions of the two will tell everything. It’s really too bad that idols are forbidden to be in a relationship.




  1. I don’t know about Hyomin but Joon might have had an attraction. He was indeed not himself during the date. Plus, when U-Kiss Dongho teased him about her, he flustered. Which is so not like Joon.

    It would be interesting if MBLAQ does guest in Invincible Youth.

  2. It would be really entertaining if MBLAQ guested in IY. There would definitely be teasing. But I think that’s far from happening. Korean idols should be eligible for dating. Their respective companies would be preventing Hyomin and Joon from further getting into their scandal.

  3. i agree…. what’s wrong with idol groups dating each ohter right? there’s the taec-yoona scandal too… who cares if they date? Fans shouldnt be stupid about it, going like, “_______ IS MINE!” or something like that. I mean, you are NEVER going to meet them. If you do, you would be lucky, but they might not like you in that way. Besides, wouldnt it be FAR MORE INTERESTING if idols dated?

  4. wow~~ ilove this scandal… they looks so Comfort… I LOVE THIS COUPLY.. right,, what’s wrong with an idol get their partner live.. it’s so awesome if oir idol get a lovely partner live..even it’s an intertainer too.. always support this couple..<333

  5. Ironically, Joon did guest star in Invicible Youth on the 7th of may.. :DDD Yaay. Can’t wait for it to come out with subs..

    They would (or do what do we know) make a cute couple!

  6. aigoo! me and Lee Joon!

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