SM Entertainment have their torches ready for cartoonist

January 18, 2010

By now, most of you if not all might have heard already about the cartoonist who drew SNSD in a rather provocative manner. Latest news has it that SM Entertainment is planning to take legal action against this unfortunate and rather pathetic cartoonist. If you haven’t seen the drawing, please go to allkpop or Kbites.

I was actually surprised with the news of a lawsuit. I mean, so much for freedom of expression. The guy is gross, yes. Pathetic? Yes. Criminal? I think not. It’s not like he did something traumatic to SNSD. And I don’t think any sane person took the cartoonist seriously anyway. This issue just feels like being blown out of proportion. Kinda like Park Jaebeom’s thing. Something so small forced the guy to leave. Come on Korean people. It’s no big deal. What do you want to do? Force the cartoonist out of Korea also? Ruin his life?

I’m not a fan of SNSD but even if it’s the Wonder Girls that were drawn, I wouldn’t have grab my guns and knives and prepare myself to war. It’s just a drawing. The guy even apologize already. What more do they want? And I even bet more than half of SNSD’s male fans do envision the girls like that. If Koreans keeps bombarding their fellow countrymen like this, suicides will be so abundant. Actually, it is now.

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