Rookie Groups to Look Out For

January 21, 2010

There were lots of debut the past year and it makes you wonder who among them would actually last. They can’t all be successful. I mean a few if not most will eventually fail. But the notable ones are the ones that would surely stay.

I think the best rookie of 2009 is YG Entertainment’s 2NE1. This is my own opinion and I might be a little bias with this because I’m a fan of them but you have to agree with the result. The group had 2 songs that swept Korea by storm. Three if you’ll include “Lollipop”. Plus, the solo songs of Dara and Park Bom and also the collaboration of CL and Minji topped online charts. Plural. That’s how popular these women are. And as far as I know, no other rookie in the history of Korean pop has ever done this feat. So I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be around for a long while. They maybe even become the number one girl group in Korea.

Then we have T-ara. This was a group that surpassed my expectation. I didn’t even cared about them. When the group debuted, I thought they would be another carbon copy of SNSD and Kara. The latter groups practically possess the cute and bubbly image. And when T-ara came out, it seemed like they will be competing with Kara and SNSD. But to my surprise, TTL prove me wrong. I wasn’t much a fan of the song but it grew on me. “Time to Love” and “TTL 2 Listen” showed Korea and the rest of Asia the vocal prowess and charisma of the group. I mean singing-wise they can beat SNSD and Kara any day of the week. Plus, Hyomin, Eunjung and Jiyeon are quite the eye candy.

Lastly, MBLAQ. They haven’t done as much as 4minute, and f(x) or beat BEAST in charts, but there is potential there. Talent-wise, they can pull a hit. I mean they can dance, they can sing plus people are interested in them. That’s the most important thing. The public wants to know more. Give them time and better materials and they can surely shine.

I honestly think the three mentioned above are the rookies to watch out for. The rookies that will lead Korea to the next generation hallyu wave.

I’ll just comment on a few more groups. I’ll go first with 4minute.

I have to say that 4minute is the least polished among the idol groups that are active. Nothing against the group or the company but I feel that they should have trained them a little bit more before they debut. Again, please don’t throw stones at me. It’s my view on the situation. If you watch their performances, there’s so much lacking and it’s really too bad because they are given such wonderful songs. Don’t get me wrong, Ji Yoon is amazing but there’s only so much one person can do. She can’t carry the entire group on her shoulders. HyunA might be popular but she’s not really that great. Sometimes she’s even the mistake.

Next is f(x). I have nothing against them talent-wise but the situation they’re in is the problem. I mean because they’re in the same company as SNSD. All the attention of the company, every effort the company is doing is for their number 1 girl group which is So Nyeo Shi Dae. Some of you might say that “SHINee overcame it though Super Junior was all the craze, f(x) can too”. But you have to realize that SHINee debuted when Super Junior wasn’t around. I mean the whole 13 of them. As in seriously, SuJu’s comeback wasn’t even in the minds of the public. Also, the image of the two is quite different while SNSD and f(x) almost overlaps. I think this is the same problem that the fallen AST1 had. All the attention was with SS501 and they were literally forgotten. They disbanded without anyone knowing who they were.

And then there is BEAST. Ok, I might be criticize with this but I think people like me have the most crystal clear vision of BEAST. I’m not a fan and I’m not an anti-fan so my judgment is not clouded with love or hatred. I said this before in a previous article of mine and I’ll say it again. BEAST has no identity. I mean what are they? Are they a hip hop group like Big Bang? Are they a pop group like Super Junior? Or are they beastly group like 2pm? They literally have no image. And that’s really scary for a rookie. They have no direction. It’s like they’re just floating in air hoping that an image will come to them. Another thing, the members are not really as interesting as they were perceived. Other than Yoseob and Doo Joon, who else do you know? I mean really know. Yes, their song is a hit right now but how long will it last.

Again, this are all opinions of mine. I want to share my opinions to the world that’s why I created this blog.



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