U-Kiss is on their Way Up

January 26, 2010

I just have to blog this right away. U-Kiss recently released their new song, “Without You”, and I highly recommend the song. The song has this refreshing beat and it is so soothing to the ear. A lot of singers have released new songs in the past few weeks, 2am, SNSD, CN Blue, etc. but this U-Kiss’ song is what really got me. I immediately like it.

I’m actually surprise that I’m listening to U-Kiss. The group debut before 2am, 2pm, MBLAQ and BEAST, and with a somehow pathetic excuse for a song. I can’t remember the name of their debut song but I remember that I hated it. But it seems like this new image of them is what will take them further in the competitive world of music. First Man Man Ha Ni, now “Without You”. I applaud them.

I don’t know if the song will be that of a hit in Korea since their going up against SNSD. Though SNSD’s song is a little disappointing, it didn’t live up to the hype, they’re still SNSD. U-Kiss is no match to them. But it is nice that they are making an effort to make a lot of people take them more seriously. Here’s the song. I know you’ll enjoy it.




One comment

  1. I just read this in allkpop and I was also surprise that I like. I already have it on repeat. I agree, their Not Young song was such a disgrace. It’s nice that not only artist from the big three are making it.

    Brown Eyed Girls
    After School
    FT Island

    Hope people will really give love to “Without You” Really like the song.

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