SNSD’s “Oh”

January 31, 2010

A lot of people have already said what I’m gonna say but I would still want to voice my opinion on SNSD. If you follow my blog religiously, you’ll know that I’m not that much of a fan of SNSD and Kara. They’re all pretty but I really don’t get what their music is all about. It’s too peppy and girly. It’s very gender-bias.

A few days ago, SNSD released their 2nd full length album. 3rd if you’ll include the repackaged album of their first album. A lot of people expected a lot on their comeback. If you’ll remember, it’s also at this time that their “Gee” song became such a hit. Everyone was expecting the new song to replicate it. Even me. I’m not a fan of SNSD but I have to admit that “Gee” got me. So I really expected a lot.

When “Oh” was released, to be honest, I was really disappointed. I asked myself what happened? The song was all hype it seems. After listening to it a few times, I know “Oh” is no “Gee”. There’s no way that this song is gonna make waves. To SNSD fans, this is an opinion. I’m not a fan and not an anti-fan. So I have the best view on what SNSD is. My judgment is not clouded with love or hatred.

The reason “Gee” became successful as it was is because it got the attention of the non-fans and the music lovers. SNSD has one of the most massive fanbase in Korea. And with that much fans, anything that they’ll release will be a commercial success. Maybe not a hit but it will give profit to SM Entertainment. But with the addition of music lovers and the nonfans, “Gee” became a phenomenon. It now resides together with “Tell Me”, “Haru Haru”, “Sorry, Sorry”, “Nobody”, etc. in that list of songs that will forever be in the minds of the people.

“Gee” is a catchy song. It’s one of those songs that will never go away. I for one don’t like the song message-wise, but it was catchy enough to pull me towards it. Also, the lack of strong competition at the time really helped SNSD in their campaign even if SONEs admit it or not.

Now comparing “Gee” with “Oh”, the difference is quite evident. First of all, the song isn’t as catchy as people thought it would be. And it’s obvious that music lovers and non SNSD fans aren’t as crazy with “Oh” as compared to “Gee”. Yes, listening to “Oh” feels quite nice but after a few times, you’ll get bored with it. Secondly, SNSD has now have competitions in CN Blue and 2am which they didn’t have with “Gee”. SNSD maybe the more popular group but the boy groups have better songs to offer the public. Also, fan girls are way crazier than fan boys.

If you have read my Cyworld post, you would have an idea what I’m saying. Fans will argue that “what are you talking about? ‘Oh’ is doing well online.” Well that’s because it was just released. “Oh” was #1 at released in Cyworld but 2am regain that position and has been dominating that chart for days now.

Conclusion, I think it was a mistake for SM to make “Oh” the carrier single. I haven’t listened to the entire album but I heard that Star, Star, Star is quite nice. I honestly don’t think “Oh” will be a phenomenon as they say it would be. SNSD fans, don’t throw stones at me. I’m just telling it as it is. I’m not saying “Oh!” won’t be a hit. I just think that it won’t be as a much of a hit as “Gee”.



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