4minute Is A Hit

February 7, 2010

4minute recently started their asian tour and they began in the Philippines. They seem to be very popular if you base it on this fancam. I have always believe that you can determine an artist’s popularity with fancams.

I was in the Philippines a year ago to attend to a personal event and from what I’ve seen, Kpop is not really that dominant there. I mean there were only two that were really famous, Wonder Girls and 2ne1. I was always hearing “Nobody” and “Fire”. And for 4minute to gain this much attention, it’s a big deal. I never really thought of Philippines being dominated by Kpop. Anyway, Kudos to 4minute.



  1. OMG! that was the Megamall show. I was there and seriously i almost died in the crowd. they had to cut off the performances for 10 mins to calm down the crowd. i heard Megamall had the most number of fans that came in (bec it is the most accessible).

    seriously i am a fan of 4minute and i myself didn’t expect the amount of turnout!

  2. hmmm..i have different thought on this. i dont think they were really a ‘HIT’. I think its more like filipinos are just curious about them. and also because they are from a different country. I lived in the phil for 15 yrs and its always been like that. artists from other country, famous or not, are big deal there. also they had their tours at the malls so there were really a lot of people. of course im sure they have actual fans there too but probably not very much. i think its all curiousity and excitement(artists from Korea) that made it like they were a ‘hit’. sorry i really suck at english but you’re getting what i mean right?

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