[Chart] Inkigayo 2010/02/07

February 7, 2010

2am finally won one today in Inkigayo. I honestly think this win is long overdue. You have to admit, the guys have got to be 4 of the most amazing singers in Kpop right now. It’s actually nice that after almost two years, a win finally came.

A lot of visitors in allkpop.com have commented that this will be their only win and that SNSD will dominate the next three weeks. Well, it may be true in Music Bank, since the show depends highly on album sales, but I’m not so sure about Inkigayo. Up to now, I still don’t know how the heck SBS determines their winners. They post the nominees and that’s it. I’m not totally sure about this so please do contest me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Wonder Girls won in Inkigayo with their “Nobody” song. Anyway, here’s the entire Take7.

SeeYa, Davichi, & T-ara – Wonder Woman
CN Blue – I’m the Loner
HyunA – Change
2am – Can’t Let You Go, Even Ef I Die
SNSD – Oh!
Gavy NJ – Sunflower
Kim Jong Kook – This Person

BEAST’s “Mystery”, Gain & Jo Kwon “We Fell In Love”, and T-ara “At the Beginning” all fell out from last week’s Take7. Again, congratulation’s to the boys.




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