SNSD vs 2ne1 again?

February 10, 2010

It came as a surprise to everybody when 2NE1 release “Try to Copy Me” yesterday. No one really saw it coming. From what I’ve heard, it’s for an upcoming CF of the girls. The song is a hit right now. Dominating cyworld and monkey3 and pushing down 2am and SNSD respectively.

This actually reminds me of what happened a few months back. The time when SNSD was promoting “Genie”. At the release of “Genie”, the song dominated every online charts. From cyworld to soribada, you name it. Everyone was saying that “Genie” would be the next “Gee”. But it seemed like fate had other plans. A week after the released of “Genie”, 2NE1 released “I Don’t Care” which pushed SNSD from the top spot and eventually forced “Genie” out of competition. “I Don’t Care” became a phenomenon, being covered here and there by different artists of Korea. The song received 5 Music Bank Wins and a Triple Crown win in Inkigayo while “Genie” just had one Music Bank Win and 2 mutizen in Inkigayo. Don’t get me wrong, “Genie” was a commercial success. SM did able to sell 100,000 plus albums. But 2NE1 did seriously overshadowed SNSD at the time.

It seems like YG is really forcing an SNSD and 2NE1 competition. Well, just my opinion. I mean this CF song was so unexpected that you would really think. With how well “Try to Copy Me” is doing online, it won’t be a surprise that what happened a few months back will happen again. Right now, SONEs are saying that “Oh” is better than “Gee” and will dominate the charts for weeks. (I already wrote an article about that argument. You can read it here.) I honestly think that if SNSD will cease winning, it won’t be because of this new song of 2NE1. “Try to Copy Me” is still a digital released. Maybe they can win in Inkigayo but it will be very unlikely that they win in Music Bank where album sales are regarded heavily.



  1. OH!emm GEE… SNSD 4ever….

  2. 2NE1 of course they are the best unlike other girl groups who uses their skin to sell!!!2ne1 4eva

  3. 2NE1 OF COURSE… see, even the OH of snsd will win,, still 2ne1 is best. if they win so be it. but 2ne1 is phenomenon ! even here in america.. oh many likes 2NE1.. other like snsd because of their plastic faces and skin. hahahah .. well they used it as asset.. but 2ne1 even they dont use it, they still win cause thats what music is, giving your best and love in usic , haha not your skin. hahahaha :))

    • yeah ur ass is plastic,2ne1 not even compare to snsd,see the album sales,even with others girl group combine their album sales with 2ne1 they still cant beat snsd album sales,and that is the solid proof that snsd is the best.

  4. 2ne1 of course! Even though SNSD sometimes beats 2ne1, We BLACKJACKS STILL LOVE 2NE1 FOREVER! We never stop believing on 2ne1 because they are nice, sweet and awesome! GO 2NE1!!

  5. imma blackjack because i love 2ne1 and their songs just suit me better than snsd’s. Im neither a sone nor an anti. But i think they’re both famous in different ways and that we shouldn’t compare between them. Some people prefer snsd and some prefer 2ne1, it just depends on their opinion. Even they themselves like each other like friends. Why compare? x.x

  6. 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 go go go. 2ne1 is the BEST but SNSD Ohhhh Bad

  7. snsd represents GIRLS.. while 2ne1 represents a true WOMAN that’s fierce, strong and creative.

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