[Chart] Soribada 2010: January

February 13, 2010

Here the January chart of Soribada. I’m not sure if they just released this chart. It seems like the few days of promotion of SNSD really helped them a lot in Soribada. After barely a week, they topped the entire month.

01 SNSD – Oh!
02 SeeYa, Davichi, & T-ara – Wonder Woman
03 HyunA feat. BEAST’s Yong Joon Hyung – Change
04 CN Blue – I’m a Loner
05 Gain and Kwon – We Fell In Love
06 2am – Even if I Die, I Can’t Let You Go
07 T-ara Bo Peep Bo Peep
08 Lee Seung Gi – Like the First Time
09 After School – Because of You
10 Im Jae Beom – Stigma
11 Zia – Have a Drink
12 T-ara – Like the Beginning
13 2pm – Tik Tok
14 Younha – Broke Up Today
15 Gummy – Because of You
16 Kim Jong Kook – Don’t Be Good to Me
17 Lee Seung Gi – Love Teach Me to Drink
18 Zia – Like Her
19 2pm – Heartbeat
20 2am – I’m Sorry, I Can’t Laugh For You





  1. First of all,

    I like you’re writing. 😀


    It’s weird when there’s no Seo Taiji in Hanteo. They always manage to be the best seller.

    • error

      you’re -> your

      Sorry for that 😛

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